Sunsets Listed by Continent

This page is a list of all the prior Sunset Sunday posts. You can always view the complete map of the sunsets to see the location, but if desired a complete list by continent, country is kept here. Each also includes the date published on the site.

North American Sunsets

Canada Sunsets

Mexico Sunsets

United States

California Sunsets

Florida Sunsets

Midwestern Sunsets

New England Sunsets

New York and New Jersey Sunsets

Pennsylvania Sunsets

Southern Sunsets

Texas Sunsets

Western Sunsets

Pacific Northwest Sunsets


Caribbean, Central, and South America Sunsets

chobe safari river cruise sunset in botswanaAfrica Sunsets

Asia Sunsetssunset on the surf beach of Phuket. Kata Beach in Thailand.

Antarctica Sunset

Australia – New Zealand Sunsets


Europe Sunsetssunset on the beaches of San Sebastian in Spain.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay Adventurous, Craig


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