Sunset Sunday – Sunset in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

The sun sets in the west.  In New York City that means it sets in the dense suburbs of New Jersey. Couple that with tall buildings, crowded streets, and the frantic end of day commute and the city doesn’t offer an idyllic setting to capture a sunset.

the Intrepid Museum docked in Hell's Kitchen

But as you learned through the sunsets stories posted here, the sunset is not solely the view when sipping a cocktail on a beach. No, it’s about a moment; a special moment. Your moment.  And recently in New York I added another such moment to the Sunset Sunday collection. I shared one with my family.

Spending time at the Kimpton property, Ink48 in Hell’s Kitchen, a place I recommend in my Where to Stay? Series, my family and I watched the Hudson River one afternoon.  With a opened bottle of pinot noir we toasted the holidays and conversed. It was Christmas week.

The traffic on the waterway was expectedly light during the week and the highlight beside the docked Intrepid Museum (the retired World War II Aircraft Carrier turned museum) was when a cruise ship left port. But this afternoon I decided to capture the sunset. And with the shortened daylight of winter, I didn’t need to wait too long.

a gotham-esque sunset

Through the glass window I snapped this image of the sun between the water towers. I wasn’t sure I capture anything with the thick grey cloud cover, but the colorful fiery ball peaked through to shine if even just for a moment. Not the typical Seasons Greetings, but a special sunset moment inside Gotham.

stay adventurous, Craig

This was not my first Sunset shared from New York City, I’ve captured a few: a marathon sunset in Central Park, a sunset from Columbus Circle, walking the Brooklyn Bridge at the perfect hour, and a 4th of July sunset on the Hudson. 

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  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    What a unique sunset I love it!

  • Jeanette Geary

    Heard all about this week from your parents the following Saturday…they loved it and being with the baby. Sounds great.

  • Deb Mistal

    The beauty of an instant in time that will never occur again is wonderful to share!
    Thank you!

  • Craig Zabransky

    @andi thanks.
    @Jeanette, I am sure you did. and thanks for commenting.
    @Deb so true, but always remember, the only time we have is Now.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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