Sunset Sunday – The Sunset on the Road to San Isidro

We all piled into to a Suburban from the Temoris train station and started the journey to San Isidro. We just witnessed the most magical part of the Copper Canyon Train ride and gained even more appreciation for the modern marvel. Next up was our long journey to San Isidro Lodge and hopefully a sunset.

After fifteen minutes we arrived in the town of Temoris to buy supplies and locate “Lechuguilla,” a Chihuahuan agave spirit. Dave, our Copper Canyon Tour guide, insisted we try the local drink and I am so glad we did over dinner, but that was still three hours away. We would arrive at the lodge after dark and since we were essentially “fighting daylight,” I decided not to ask for a stop to capture a sunset.

Ah, but what does one do packed tightly in a Suburban for all that time with a camera in your hand? Well,  I captured a few sunset images of course. I selected two taken from the window seat. You can notice the motion.

Happy Sunset Sunday

sunset near san isidro chihuahua, mexico

one of the few fences I noticed on the ride

sunset near san isidro, chihuahua, mexico

after the sun dipped the sky turned pink.

stay adventurous, Craig

Also, I’d like to thank Authentic Copper Canyon, TravelLand and the Mexican Tourism Board  for making this journey and one of my dream trips inside Mexico a reality. Ah Chihuahua!



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  • Mary J McCoy-Dressel

    Ah, Craig, you never fail us, even in a packed Suburban driving down the road.

    • craig zabransky

      Mary, I do best always… wish I was able to get more focus… but it was a fun sunset capture nonetheless. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Charu Suri

    I love the purple hue in the second photo!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Charu, when the sky turns purple… it really is something special. I always appreciate your support of the sunset series. stay adventurous, Craig