The Triple-A Sunset Sunday from PNC Field in Scranton, PA

Just as I entered PNC Field I felt the first drop; it started to rain. Heading to my first Triple-A baseball game I didn’t even consider a sunset moment, I just wanted to stay dry. However, a sunset moment would eventually emerge.

sunset at PNC field before a Rail Riders game with a rain delay

the field is covered up still, but baseball would be played after sunset

At first we debated staying as the rain intensified. The clouds covered the sky and the game suddenly seemed very unlikely. Some fans waiting out the storm mumbled about another rainout.  Yet, we waited patiently, enjoying the $1 drafts on the promotional Thirsty Thursday. Then the sky changed. A pinkish red penetrated the lessening cloud cover and the sun showed its colors just as it was setting. I walked through the crowd to capture a photo on my iPhone. Then, just moments later, the game’s first pitch was set for 8:20.

We watched a few innings as the Rail Riders, the affiliate of the New York Yankees, hit a few home runs to take an early lead. Eventually, the Scranton-Wilksbarre based home team won the game 9-2 over the visiting Lehigh Iron Pigs. If nothing else, you must love the names of these franchises.

Happy Sunset Sunday from the Ball Park. Stay adventurous, Craig

Travel Tip: this was my first triple AAA game and I’ll be back. Seats are very reasonable ($10 just 2 rows in behind first base) and every weekday there is a special promotion at the ball park. There is $1 Hotdogs, Friday Fireworks and more, but my favorite might just be “Thirsty Thursday’s” $1 drafts. Although the special is only 6-8pm and one per customer (boo), with the rain delay there wasn’t much to do but stay dry and “wait on line” for another until the first pitch.


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  • Maria

    I’d definitely go to the games if there were more sunsets like that in baseball.

    *big grin*

    • craig zabransky

      I agree Maria, I might find myself back there again next season. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Andi Perullo

    Great thing that you stayed!

    • craig zabransky

      Yes, I did stay… it’s part of my mantra, right? – stay adventurous, Craig

  • TripsByLance

    Very nice. I enjoy minor league baseball for its quirkiness and cheaper beer. Awesome sunset.