Sunset Sunday

The Sunset.

Every Sunday, my blog celebrates the Sunset with photos from my adventures around the world.

along the calm backwaters of the upper Florida Keys..

Sunset, the word alone makes us smile. We are all warmed by a memory; we can all recall a time, a place, a moment. Perhaps, the sunset reminds you of the last time you watched the sun dip on holiday, the time you spent with that someone special or when you completed the quest to witness the ‘green flash.’

The daily descent delights differently, but is universally positive. The sunset remains one of the most celebrated moments of the day and as someone who seeks sunset moments I decided to post a photograph on each and every Sunday to my blog. So welcome to Sunset Sunday.

And in case you ask why? Well for me, the sunset surprises, seduces, and slows.

The sunset surprises….it surprises with beauty each and every time. It is magic. Majestic magenta streaks light the sky, a powerful pinkish hue brightens the clouds, or a golden glaze warms the ocean. All perfect. All beautiful. Always a surprise.

The sunset seduces…..It seduces each of us with the transformation of day to night. The raw romance allows us the ability to inch closer to someone sitting next to us or to step closer to greater universal understanding. We become captivated; we become seduced.

The sunset slows… slows down time and more noticeably slows down us. It allows us to pause, to take a deep breath, and to let go of our false sense of control. We disconnect from today’s fast paced world and hold on to a new measurement of time. A tad slower.


What can I do?

We all hold our memories. In addition to sharing my moments, I want to encourage you to share yours. Post your picture on twitter with the #SunsetSunday in your message. Or if you want contact me with your photograph and story and you can become a guest post for the Sunset Sunday series. (You can reach me at:

Where can I see the prior sunset memories and photographs, and where are you visiting next?

I started in 2010 and now have over two hundred and eighty images and stories on the site. You can visit all the destinations through these pages:

stay adventurous, Craig

  • kathy kent

    Your photos make me want to hurry on down to Savannah so I, too, can experience its sunsets! Beautiful :)

    • craig zabransky

      Savannah is a beautiful place… delicious food too. Stay southern, Craig

  • Craig Zabransky

    Kathy, hello again, the photo on this page is actually from the Florida Keys, but yes, the recent Savannah post… the sun setting in the sultry southern port city of Savannah always starts off a great night.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Escape Hunter

    Beautiful sunsets fill me up with energy. But they also have a calming effect.

    • craig zabransky

      Great way to summarize a sunset moment… stay calm, Craig

  • Eduard Kooij

    Superb! Photographing sunsets is pretty tricky and have tried it many times. It’s nice to play around with subjects in the foreground, either with a person in silhouette or light them using fill flash in the foreground. -Eduard

  • Todd Cohen

    Oh nice I post a sunset with the #sunsetsunday tag on IG almost every Sunday.
    Check out my instagram.