The Serene Hour of the Sunset in Goa, India

In January, just a week after New Year’s day, we visited Goa, the beach capital of India. We decided to go at that time of the year as the crowds begin to thin out after New Year’s Eve and Goa becomes less touristy when flights to Goa can be easily booked at reasonable prices online. Goa offers a blissful break from the monotony of our everyday lives and we can take it slow for a few good days enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

There are numerous places of interest in Goa, yet its beaches remain the prime attraction. We booked a luxury beachside resort as we had already been to Goa and explored its many marvels. This was going to be a beach vacation for me and my husband with long, romantic walks along the shore, candle-light dinner by the sea, building sand castles and talking for many hours. We would wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise and would make it a point to capture the sunset every day of our stay.

the beach sunset in Goa, India

Sunset on the Beach in Goa

I have always enjoyed the sun setting on the horizon and the beach is just ideal to catch a the sunset. The best beaches in Goa to watch the sun set are Morjim, Sinquerim, Anjuna, Palolem, Arambol, Vagator and Chapora Fort.

It is most enchanting to witness the sunset by seaside with a balmy breeze blowing. For just a few moments, when the sky is painted with seraphic shades of crimson, tangerine and golden yellow, the worries and the woes of life subside. Watching the sunset is like falling in love at the very first sight, its transcendental beauty leaves you stunned and speechless and if only for a minute. Time slows down. An aura of gratitude befalls upon you as Mother Nature promises another new day. The realization that tomorrow is beaming on the horizon with endless possibilities for the next day is exciting.


The guest author Surbhi is a writer by profession, loves to read and travel. She is a day-dreamer, nature lover and a believer of destiny. And I’d like to think my destiny takes me to India one day.

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