Sunset Sunday Map

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The Sunset Sunday Map is complete. A map containing each and every Sunset Sunday destination is now LIVE.

a map of the world

the map in my hallway

Why make a map?

I love maps. I always enjoy looking at a map of the world, and this map shows not where I’ve been personally, but rather where the Sunset Sunday series has been each and every Sunday. Each blue “pin” (above) represents a post from the series. It holds a memory, a magic, and provides access to link through to the majesty of the Sunset Sunday post. Take a look. Explore some sunsets. Enjoy their magic.

There seems to be quite a few posts, but they are concentrated to certain areas.

Since I started the series over two years I’ve added more than 100 sunsets to the series. I’ve shared moments from the warming sands of Mexico, the city streets of Europe, the game reserves of southern Africa, the beaches of exotic South East Asia and more. Much more. I’ve shared most from my recent adventures, so yes, it does seem concentrated, but they are all special. Trust me.

Is your goal to fill in the map?

It sure is. I plan to continue the series and continue to “pin” to this map each and every week.  But I know I can’t do it alone (although I will try). So I will continue to add images and my moments as well as some from other sunset aficionados. But remember it’s never just about the image, but also sharing a special moment. If interested, please contact me about a Sunset Sunday guest post.

I’d like to help, but you mention that it must be a special moment. To help me understand, why did you start Sunset Sunday to begin with again?

sunset headshot for Craig ZabranskyWell every sunset is special to me and I started the sunset series because the sunset surprises, seduces, and slows (as I wrote 2+ years ago). It’s always a time we remember from our travels, and it is always makes the photo albums. There is no denying there is something special about it. For me it is watching this simple daily event that occurs everywhere, available to everyone and it universally positive that makes it special.

So true, thanks, I can’t wait to view these.

Great, thanks and you are very welcome. Enjoy the map, click on a pin and see the sunset.  There is a great big world out there, and yes I promise to do my best to cover it all, and you’ll find that coverage here.

Stay adventurous and keep enjoying those sunsets,