Sunset Sunday – Sunset in Tikal, Guatemala

 Walking through the Mayan ruins in the afternoon, after my morning tour, I needed to decide where to settle in to watch a sunset. At first I returned to the gran plaza and then debated a return to the lost world (Mundo Perdido) all in the quest to find the perfect sunset inside the Mayan site.

a sunset in Tikal Guatemala

the shadows of the sunset at Tikal..

The gran plaza only offered shadows so I eventually decided to find and once again head to templo IV and climb the highest pyramid to see the sun set in the distance. One problem, my view was not west, but east. Perfect for sunrise, but no matter I stayed and watched the rays of light illuminate the sky and the distant pyramids.

I stared out to the horizon at the few ruins poking through the jungle canopy as the light diminished and the sky accented with a brilliant array of color. I wouldn’t see the sun set on the horizon here, but I’d be offered a chance to return the next morning before the park opened to see the sun rise for a price (tip). The guard offered me access for 100 Quetzales ($12 USD). I’d pay it, but tonight was about the sunset (sunrise story in a future Get to Know Guate series) .

sunset view of the jungles of tikal in guatemala

the sunset glow and view from a top a pyramid

Enjoy. Happy Sunset Sunday!

Stay adventurous, Craig

 this post is part of the Get to Know Guate series


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  • Shana D

    I love looking at your photos from your travels. What a gorgeous view.

  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    I’m sad I missed Tikal when I was in Guatemala!

  • charu

    Guatemala and Belize are on my list for 2012 before the world ends and all…:)

  • rebecca

    love your passion for sunsets

  • Craig Zabransky

    @shana, it was an amazing view, but the sunrise was even better (I’ll admit it) Expect a post about that story in May when ‘Get to Know Guate’ continues

    @Andi, that’s a great reason to return… Tikal is a very Impressive site.

    @Charu, a good idea…. it will give you a sense of why it’s ending… actually it’s a great spot, definitely adventurous… :-)

    stay adventurous, Craig

  • Rachel Christensen Denning

    I love Tikal :)

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