Sunset Sunday-A Visit to Hacienda San Diego at Sunset

We drove up the dust road towards the desolate Hacienda San Diego just outside of Casa Grandes, Chihuhuahua for the trip’s final dinner. Then out the window,  I noticed another car and someone standing outside on the barren path; it was not deserted.

sunset at hacienda san diego in chihuahua, mexico

sunset on the horizon

The enormous structure,  occupied and operated as a working farm by a family with ties back to its original glory before the Mexican Revolution, would prove to be a memorable final dinner and also the one chance to truly watch the sunset dip below the horizon.

On my trip through Chihuahua, especially the train through Copper Canyon, we never had a moment to rest and watch the sun sink properly.  I did catch a few sunset moments, very memorable moments, but here, I’d watch it fall and set below the horizon in the distance.  And although I did capture it, I tend to think it was the brilliant light of that perfect hour of photography against the Hacienda that proved a better representation of the magic of the moment.

sunset light on Haceinda San Diego i=outside of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua Mexico

the best light of the day illuminates the Hacienda buildings...

Happy Sunset Sunday y Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

stay adventurous, Craig

And a Happy Cinco de Mayo for those who celebrate. For the truth about the Holiday, definitely look at the Truth about Cinco de Mayo, and grab a Margarita for the adventure.

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