Sunset Sunday – L’Ametlla de Mar, Catalonia Spain

During the last days of my European backpack adventure I traveled across Spain. And many of those days and nights I spent in the sleepy shore town of L’Ametlla de Mar. Largely off the international tourist map, L’Ametlla de Mar is roughly two hours south of Barcelona on the train and is essentially the “go-to” town for people who call Zaragoza, Spain home. I only discovered it because of friends of my family who call Zaragoza home invited me.

Situated on the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, L’Ametlla de Mar doesn’t offer the view of the sun sinking in to the sea like other beaches in Spain. So the sunset would not be the same as the sunset in San Sebastian  or the sunset in Cadiz I watched on the Atlantic Ocean. Yet it still would be quite memorable.

sunset in L'Ametilla de Mar, Spain

the sun was setting on my European adventure

On one evening when walking the town, I decided to set up my point and click camera on a rock and use the timer to capture a photo of me with the changing sky colors as the backdrop. Sometimes it is amazing how few pictures you have of yourself when you are the photographer, and this marks just the second Sunset Sunday in over 105 (sunset at Le Kliff in Puerto Vallarta) I am in.

But what made it special was the next day. When passing the same vista once again, I noticed something quite magical. A complete colorful rainbow. The sky smiled back at me. I took it as a message.  Apparently it was ok that this European adventure was ending as there would be more on the horizon. And thankfully there have been.

Happy Sunset Sunday

stay adventurous, Craig

 this post is part of my European Summer Series. Also, I added this sunset to series as a way to congratulate Spain on their 3rd major Football (Soccer) Championship in a row. Congrats on winning the Euro 2012 Championship, I was pulling for you in the finals.



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  • Maggie Mistal

    Love this post Craig!  I find rainbows very inspiring.  You bring out the best in every locale with your stories and perspective.  Thanks for sharing your adventures!  L’Ametlla seems like another wonderful destination and with the Olympics in London this summer, Europe is the place to be!

    • craig zabransky

      It’s always a magical moment when you see a complete rainbow… and thanks for your comments, glad you enjoy the stories and plenty more on Europe to come this month… stay tuned y stay adventurous, Craig

  • Radcon

    Looks like a beautiful place to watch the sunset.  Great photo.  

  • Hilarye Fuller

    That is beautiful! Tempted to go when I’m in Barcelona this Fall!

    • craig zabransky

       Hilarye, if you don’t make it as far south as L’Ametlla, definitely also look in to a town called Sitges. It’s closer and very charming as well.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Spencer

    I absolutely love Spain and in particular Catalonia. It is so beautiful! Never did see a sunset like that though when I was there.

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