Sunset Sunday – The Surf of Rio Nexpa, Mexico

I met Adam in Mazatlán. We enjoyed the sun, surf, and seafood in the golden zone, talked about the future of tourism in Mexico, and shared a common appreciation for sunsets. And recently Adam had a memorable sunset moment in Rio Nexpa, Michoacan, Mexico and decided to share it here. I am glad he did.

Adam tells us:

the sea and surf of Rio Nexpa Mexico

Rio Nexpa was never meant to be on the list. I had driven all day from Barra de Navidad on Mexico’s Pacific coast, and the idea was to get much further south. But just beyond Cerro de Ortega, when Highway 200 began to twist and contort into mile upon mile of corkscrew curves, I knew I was going to have to pull up short.

With stiff neck and tightening shoulders, I made one last turn of the wheel and followed a sign down a rutted path towards the beach. The sun was sinking, copper tones filled the sky and ferocious waves pounded the shoreline. It was one of those humbling moments that remind you of the Earth’s raw and powerful beauty. It was also a reminder never to be afraid of changing your plan.

-Adam Thomson

Adam is the Financial Times correspondent in Mexico and Central America.  He has worked for the paper since 1997, covering Colombia, the Southern Cone and also three years as deputy features editor in London. You can see his work on-line at the FT website. Happy Sunset Sunday.

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  • Wendy Greene

    Nice one Craig.. indeed beautiful things sometimes come from changing course.

    • Craig Zabransky

      They sure do Wendy. They sure do.
      stay adventurous, Craig