Sunset Sunday – Chasing the Sunset in Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland is known for dramatic views and also rapid changing weather. One minute the sun can shine with a clear crisp blue sky, the next it could be raining yet again. So capturing a sunset in Glasgow would depend on the weather and it would prove to be a challenge. But I needed to “equalize.”

If you know anything about Scottish cities, there are essential two – Glasgow and Edinburgh. And there is quite a “friendly” rivalry between them. So after posting a sunset from Edinburgh in the series, I knew I needed one from Glasgow too, so I set out to capture one.

Center City Glasgow

Walking up Douglas Street on my first evening in town, I attempted to make my way to the steeple of the church (or cathedral) and potentially capture the sunset with the ancient edifice in the image. However, rain stopped my search for a proper vantage point and I needed to duck into a cafe for a minute. The minute became dinner. But afterwards, I did take another image of the street with my iPhone.

sunset in glasgow scotland

the last image before the rain

sunset in centre city glasgow scotland

the image after dinner.

Glasgow GoMA

The next evening an afternoon shower scared away the blue skies I wondered about the sunset. The sky darkened, and the air cooled. But then walking passed St George’s Square I stumbled upon the GoMA (Glasgow Museum of Modern Art) and found a bit of open blue sky with some color. I snapped this image.

the sunset sky outside the GoMA in Glasgow Scotland

just a few steps from the GoMA

Hotel Novotel Glasgow Center

On the final evening I asked the receptionist at the Novotel if she knew a good place to catch a sunset in the city.  I knew it was an odd request in a urban center, but I thought with the Clyde River cutting through the city, the many hills I struggled to climb both on foot and with my standard shift car rental, and the seventy plus parks and green spaces there might be a location. A chance. She smiled, “it mostly goes from grey to dark here, you hardly see a sunset.” I asked about the lighthouse. Nope, it closes at 5pm. Eventually she recommended the top floor gym (6th floor) might be worth a shot. I thought, I’ll try it.

sunset view at the Hotel Novotel Centre in Glasgow Scotland

the 6th floor view....

Ok, so on my quick trip through Glasgow, these are the sunset moments I discovered. Yes, I am certain better sunset images are possible, but just like in life, chasing the sunset in Glasgow was all about the journey and not the destination. And it was a great journey through Glasgow. Happy Sunset Sunday

stay adventurous, Craig


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  • Maggie Mistal

    Lovely photos once again Craig! Thanks for the important reminder to enjoy the journey too :)

    • craig zabransky

      life is about the journey… sometimes I need to experience / write about it to even remind myself. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Emjay

    Scotland is like a man I once,knew over there.. dark and changeable. I’ll have to check my shots and see if I ever got a sunset.

    • craig zabransky

      Emjay, I won’t ask. But do let me know if you find any good sunset shots. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Somewhere is Jeannie

    Ah! I miss Glasgow! Great post. I hope you found some time to enjoy Glasgow when not chasing that perfect sunset. :)

    • craig zabransky

      Jeannie, sure did. a few upcoming posts will highlight some of the other activities. I do love sunsets, but there are 24 hours in a day 😉 stay adventurous, Craig

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