Sunset Sunday – Sunset at Dreams Villamagna, Nuevo Vallarta

I told the taxi driver, “Nuevo Vallarta” and we headed across Mexican state lines from Jalisco to Nayarit. My destination, the Dreams Villagmana, was just a few minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport. Located in the newly marketed “Riviera Nayarit,” the Dreams is part of a growing area of all-inclusive luxury resorts in this part of Mexico.

salt and lime ready for my cervezas or in room cocktails

When I arrived, the lobby bar was packed with people. Free drinks (all-inclusive) coupled with a slight drizzle will certainly always create a happy hour. Yet, I also noticed, or rather felt, an energy. A very welcoming and fun energy. This was going to be a great night.

Outside the taxi I was instantly greeted by multiple attendants. They quickly found my reservation and in a matter of minutes I was off to my room to start my afternoon. The room’s modern style in a comfortable setting also came with a fully stocked mini-bar (part of the all-inclusive). In addition, as a special guest of the property, I also received a delicious tray of chocolates and a special bucket of coronitas. Thank you.

Dreams Villamagna Ocean View

As with any room I stay in, I quickly checked the view too. I peeked through the curtains to see the Pacific. Fantastic. I opened the glass door, stepped onto the balcony, navigated around the Jacuzzi (an evening soak was now on the agenda), and watched the distant waves for a minute.

the waves looked perfect from my balcony

The butler continued with his room and amenities description when I interrupted with my first question. “Tiene tablas de surfear en la playa?  (Do you have surfboards on the beach?). Not perfect Spanish I know, but he understood and unfortunately replied, “No.” Wow! With a beach break the coming set seemed ideal for a late afternoon session. Hopefully next time.

I returned inside and the butler assisted me with my first 7oz cerveza and lime. With a bucket, and even more in the minibar, I realized I’d be able to watch the sunset right from my balcony. I asked my next question, “El puesto del sol, es bueno aqui? en el balcon?” (The sunset, is it good here, on the balcony?)

He answered, “Muy buena.”

“Excellent,” I thought.

After my tour of the property, I returned to watch the sunset from my balcony. My week in Puerto Vallarta was comprised of pinkish sunsets so I was pleasantly surprised to see the return of an orange brilliance. In fact the entire sky was illuminated with an impressive orange glow.  Maybe it was the earlier rain or maybe it was just part of a dream, but for me, the sunset was exactly as my butler had described, “Muy buena.” I hope you agree.

Happy Sunset Sunday.

the world seemed to turn orange...

Stay adventurous, Craig

I’d like to thank Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta for hosting me the one night. I really enjoyed my time on the property and hope to return for a longer stay at some point in the future. Also, this Sunset Sunday is part of the 2012 Mexican March Madness.

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  • Shana D

    Nothing goes with a beer quite like a lime does. Very gorgeous sunset Craig. One of these days I will visit Mexico.

  • TravelDesigned

    stay adventurous, luxuriously!

  • Craig Zabransky

    @Shana, Thanks, It really provided some of the most brilliant orange I ever witnessed. For about 15 minutes… so impressive. And yes, you must visit Mexico, the country has so much to offer/

    @Steph, absolutely. In fact, you reminded me to put this post also in the “stay luxurious” category.

    stay luxurious, Craig

  • Maria Teresa

    Great Post Craig! So glad you got to enjoy SWEET DREAMS!


  • charu

    Well, all I hope is that I stay here when I visit!

  • Craig Zabransky

    @Maria, thanks, Sweet Dreams indeed.
    @Charu, you will probably be in the Jalisco side of the river, but don’t worry there is a dreams and many other luxury resorts there too… But if you do stay here, you’ll love it.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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