All Africa – All April (Almost)

center city Pretoria

This month, I decided to use the month of April to once again tell tales from my African Adventure. So instead of All Africa All August, it is All Africa All April (and a little May).

Ok, great, but how do I plan to tell the stories?

I plan to tell the stories largely via the photo essay. My African adventures were the first with my current Canon dSLR camera and I used it. Yes, I took photos. Tons of photos. I filled up a 2 GB, 4 GB, and even needed a 8 GB.

Ok, so what photo essays, can I look forward to?

Namibian African Crafts

I decided to tell three stories, three different stories. One is to describe a desert town most anyone who traveled to Namibia stopped by, another is to describe a “stay luxurious” hotel in Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls, and the third to describe a sea journey on Walvis Bay.

Photo Essays

Ok, only 3 stories? Or do you plan to continue your other series? Culture through Cuisine? Sunset Sunday?

Culture Through Cuisine

Well, just like Mexican March Madness selected Puerto Vallarta, All Africa All April selected Cape Town. Yes, its Africa. So prepare for delicious dinning in Africa’s southern port city of Cape Town.

the sand dunes of Namibia....

Yes, the sunsets will be from Africa. Africa provided me some of the most magical sunsets of my recent travels.

Ok, but Africa is a big continent, and you only traveled to southern Africa?

Yes, it’s big. Huge. And yes, I only traveled to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. I want to travel more in Africa and plan to.  Therefore, I decided include destinations I have yet to see. Places on my list.

king of the jungle...

For two special posts, I decided to once again use Tripfilms to find a few video selections from Western Africa, and also added a guest post from a place many of us still want to see – Egypt.

Well, ok, that’s April, and its All Africa All April. Hope you enjoy taking a look into the continent. It’s definitely worth making the trip. I’ll be back.

stay adventurous, Craig