Sunset Sunday-An Osa Peninsula Sunset in Costa Rica

I headed back to the main pavilion again on my second night to watch another Costa Rican sunset on the Osa Peninsula. With no rain this evening, I was not alone. Most of the guests of El Remanso Lodge were there with either a cup of delicious Costa Rican coffee or celebratory cocktails. We all watched to see if the sun would set perfectly in the middle of a clearing in the rain forest on the Pacific Ocean as expected. It didn’t.

Costa Rica is a colorful place... especially at sunset

Clouds blocked the view, but it hardly took away from the beauty of the moment. The once blue water, turned color and reflected a pinkish-red hue. It was spectacular, and a great way to close my most recent adventure to Costa Rica.

I waited and had a second cup of coffee. The breeze picked up and the sounds of the jungle intensified. I stayed until the last bit of color disappeared. Everyone else cleared out early, I am never sure where people go in such a hurry. The afterglow often proves more magical than the sunset itself.
Happy Sunset Sunday.

Stay adventurous, Craig

I wanted to include a Costa Rican sunset, my sunset from Tamarindo in my 2014 Sunset Sunday – Chasing the Sunset. Since I used an early digital camera (circa 2002), it might not have printed properly (I received a warning). I chose another beauty (and favorite) for November, my sunset from San Blas. Take a look at both. Also, my recent trip to Costa Rica was part of the “Gift of Happiness” tour I participated in while working with the Costa Rica Tourism Board. As always, my opinions and travel photography are my own.

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