All Africa All August

Africa. A journey to the cradle of civilization changes a man. This past May thru June I journeyed across five countries in Southern Africa on a nearly 40 day adventure. I changed. And changed for the better.

at the adventure centre - where else?

People called it, “the trip of a lifetime.” I agree. The journey shined a bright light on the “dark” continent. It made me realize more about myself and my travel.

On my trip, I took Safaris to witness amazing animal survival in the bush, enjoyed tours of wineries and tasted local home-brews, stood before incredible landscapes sculpted by time, witnessed the power of forgiveness and celebrated the world cup.

An epic journey. A trip of a lifetime.

So, for August. I decided to dedicate my blog to Africa. All Africa All August. Here is a recap of all the stories.

Safari (Botswana and South Africa)

a view into the African Bush.

Pretoria, South Africa

Cape Town

the view from Robben Island - freedom and Table Mountain


Zimbabwe – Zambia

the view from above Victoria Falls and the Mighty Zambezi

hope you enjoyed the stories. And know there are many more yet to be published. Stay tuned and ….

stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Brian T

    Absolutely love the pics…you shoot those?

    That victoria falls shot is unreal.

  • Craig Zabransky

    Thanks Brian, Yes, I took all the photos… Africa provides an amazing backdrop for photography. The land, the animals, and the people… it’s a special place. A place I am glad to know, and a place I want to know again soon.

    Check the links too… all stories are loaded with photos. It promises to be an adventure

    stay adventurous, Craig