Sunset Sunday – Catawissa, Pennsylvania

It’s not often that I catch the sunset in Catawissa. In fact, this was my first.

sunset was at 8:50 in Catawissa, PA

a time stamped sunset moment

I spend plenty of time each summer in Pennsylvania. Yes, it’s great to escape the heat of the city and equally as great to spend time with family. And each time I visit, I have the best intentions to capture a stunning sunset. They do exist in Pennsylvania.

However, I tend to only find the opportunity when I am near water. In the series I already shared my sunset at Cooper’s Restaurant in Pittston on the Susquehanna River and also the sunset on the lakefront in Beech Mountain; both golden sunsets with majestic fresh water settings.

The Stop in Catawissa

Recently, when driving my way to the interstate on some Pennsylvanian winding road, I could not help but notice the intense colors in the sky. Such brilliant reds and pinks provided a stunning scene. I craved to capture it, but the road continued with no favorable vantage point from which to record a perfect image. I pressed on.

As time continued to pass, I knew I needed to make a stop, post haste, and did when I arrived in Catawissa. I immediately pulled over and exited the car with my camera. I walked a few steps ahead to search for the best angle and composition. It was a challenge, but I took a few images, and seized the beautiful sunset as best I could.

I returned to the car with a huge smile. Again, I witnessed something wonderful, something we all can see every day, if we just look. I smiled because even after two years of running this series, I still love sunset. Happy Sunset Sunday!

a summer sunset in Catawissa, Pennsylvania

Stay adventurous, Craig




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  • Gina

    Great picture. I love sunsets. I also really need to spend more time in the northeast!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks, Yes, the Northeast is a beautiful part of this country…. Stay Northeast, Craig

  • Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    Truly gorgeous. I love Pennsylvania! I used to have vacation property there. One of the prettiest sunsets I ever saw was on the way to that vacation spot in the Allegheny National Forest area. All taken with film way back then. Glad you shared your little spot of PA.

    • craig zabransky

      So true, the sunset can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, it is one of the reasons I love it so… thanks for sharing Mary. StayPA, Craig

  • Raul

    Beautiful sunset pic with the clock!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Raul, it is always “time” for a sunset. Stay adventurous, Craig