Where to Stay?

Welcome to the Special Series, “Where to Stay?”

Feeling very welcome at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Los Cabos

So this is not Where to Stay Adventurous? It’s Where to Stay the Night?

Yes. Where to ‘Stay Adventurous’ is everywhere and always. It’s every day, ever hour, and every second. This special series plans to continue the Stay Adventurous mantra, but specifically look at where the head hits the pillow.

Ok, so at what type of properties do you stay?

When I travel, I stay at hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, hostels, award winning resorts & spas, the all-inclusive, luxury properties, friends’ couches, vacation rentals, and even swap apartments.

the lobby walk Chobe, Botswana

I’ve stayed in $3 a night rooms with strangers to rooms offered at over $500 plus a night. I’ve seen and slept in many places. And I’d recommend many.

So, are you going to write reviews?

my Amsterdam apartment… a great swap.

Not exactly. Every place I write about is a place I’d recommend. In fact each post will contain a recommendation summary to enable you to be certain of the audience, length of stay, and type of trip.

I might not recommend it for everyone. Some might be for family, others for a romantic getaway, and others for a weekend fiesta. The post will outline that, but to be certain – read the recommendation summary.

And although not a review, I do eventually plan create a scorecard. I’ll score the property in seven-ten main categories, but for now that score card is still under development.

Ok, it’s not a review, then what will you say?

I plan to discuss three specific items I truly enjoyed. Basically, why I recommend the property. Also I’ll provide one area I might change or allow you to be aware of. Those often help set expectations.

a joshua tree desert bed & breakfast

These four items will be different for each property (the future score card will compare properties along the same categories)

Did you Stay at every property?

Yes. I will detail my relationship with each property listed. The post will disclose:

How long I stayed and what I paid.

Maitai River, Nelson, NZ by filipino-jean via Flickr

Maitai River, Nelson, NZ by filipino-jean via Flickr

What about places you haven’t stayed?

Well, I can’t write about them, but if I was heading to a new destination, for example New Zealand, I would research options. On a trip to let’s say Nelson, NZ I might try to compare a few Nelson motels to understand what makes sense for my budget and my level of comfort.* Sometimes I need to stay luxurious other times, I will keep the adventurous soul and backpack my way through. And then if they impressed, soon afterwards I’ll write about all of them here on Where to Stay.

a balcony with a sunset scores points El Cid Marina, Mazatlan

Ok, so how often will you write a post?

I’d expect a few posts each year. When a property warrants a mention, I’ll list it here. Also, some destinations might have more than one place I’d recommend so there might be repeat destinations in the future. Stay tuned on Where to Stay.

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