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Welcome to “Stay Adventurous.” And since I introduce myself in every personal journal I write in, let me also introduce myself here.

After an eventful first year as a freelance writer (2009) and over five years since my first piece published on the web (2005) I decided to create a personal blog. Now after four full years it continues to grow.writing in a journal at sunset in mexico

This outlet shall serve as an additional platform for my professional stories, but it will be more. I’ll write about the places and angles to further inspire you to take and make adventure in your life; to Stay Adventurous. I’ll elaborate on the culture, cuisine, and cervezas I find on the road. Share my views, observations and discoveries from my global galavants. I’ll write what I truly believe.

So why Stay Adventurous?

First off, I don’t expect everyone to bungee jump or sky dive.  And although I already bungee jumped and recently just jumped from 10,000 feet, but I know it is not for everyone. The adventurous person is someone who takes one or two steps outside their comfort zone, someone who moves beyond complacency, someone who changes their attitude to “yes, let’s have fun today.” And that’s my ambitious goal, to inspire others to take that step. To encourage others to take and make adventure (fun) in their life.

How do you Stay Adventurous?

For me, I achieve that through my travels. I am truly alive on the road. After traveling through over 40 US States and over 40 countries I find my self in complete agreement with St. Augustine,

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

And yes I want to read the whole novel. But am I writing the book? No, not yet, but I am writing stories to inspire others to take and make adventure in their lives. Again, that is the goal.

I am also here to encourage you to look at life as a vacation, yes. “life is a vacation in which I occasionally need to work.” I am not looking at this the other way, I am not saving for a two week holiday, but flipping the mindset and considering life the holiday, the fun – and I want you to do the same. It is certainly better on this side of that fence, and yes, I believe the grass is greener when we are in the proper mindset – the mindset for travel, the mindset for life.

So who am I?

I can tell you I am the guy who appeared on Fox and Friends or Sirius Radio to discuss travel sabbaticals, travel writing, and the importance of following your dreams. Or that I am a Mexico expert according to CheapFlights News and Views travel blog or the creator of Sunset Sunday. Or other credentials, accolades, etc… But what I’d rather you know is that  I am just a man who enjoys the open road and wants to inspire others to become adventurous and have FUN. I want to encourage others to take the trip, make the journey that can and will change your life. I did. Now I can’t imagine my life any different.

So what’s next?

What isn’t next? Destinations. Experiences. Fun. And Adventure. I plan to continue traveling, continue inspiring others through my writing, and continue enjoying my time here on earth.

Drinking a homemade Mexican Mojito at Ron Classico in Colima, Mexico

Cheers to the Adventure & Tasting the good life

Stay Adventurous,

Craig Zabransky

To catch me:

t: @stayadventurous

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Contact me at: craig@stayadventurous.com

Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Maryann

    Looking forward to more of your articles. They are very interesting and inspiring. Happy travels to you and keep us informed on the wonders of the world.

  • Conrad

    Love the picture on your blog. Looks like a beautiful place. Keep the pictures and articles coming.

  • Rajeev

    I love to visit your blog every time I get a chance to see the new adventures you have been on. I am glad that you are able to live your dream. Please keep posting the articles and photos of your next adventure.

  • http://www.arctictropic.com/blog.php ArcticTropic


    Great to see the adventurous spirit. You can also follow me @totaladventure on twitter.

  • http://www.acacia-africa.com siobhan kindness

    Looking forward to keeping up with your travels craig:)

  • http://mayanrivieragringa.blogspot.com Julie Broadbent

    I just found your blog through Twitter. I share you appreciation of travel. One of my favorite pieces of artwork that I own is a cheap, plastic-framed poster that I’ve had for 20 years that says: “I am not the same for having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” :) Buen viaje!

  • Maria Merrill

    I randomly saw an article about you on aol.com tonight and have now browsed through your blog. I studied abroad last Spring and travel a ton and I am hooked. I am going to India and Nepal in June and July and I want to teach English in Colombia come January 2011. And I have been thinking about travel writing for about a year now. Can I start so young though? I’m only 22… You worked for awhile before you started travel writing. What you are doing is my dream.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.wordpress.com stayadventurous

      First off great travel destinations. And Colombia – great choice. I loved my time there – Bogota: http://bit.ly/6E1ZkI

      But, you can never start to young. My advice is write, write, and write. Keep a journal, keep a blog – I started keeping journals in 2004, published my first piece on the web 2005 and only in 2009 did I make a transition. It took time, but my earlier years helped develop me – honestly I wish I started earlier.

      Stay Adventurous,

  • Barbara

    Hi Craig…Inspired by your path…and have similar dreams. Have yet to see how one can actually make a decent living at travel writing and/or photography. How do you make it work? Thanks, Barbara

    • http://www.stayadventurous.wordpress.com stayadventurous

      Barbara, I’d say “define decent living.” If you are living and not following your dream – is that decent? If $ is what you are asking about, I do make some dollars from other sources such as ghost writing and am always looking for ways to be more creative.

      Continue to follow your dream.

      Stay adventurous,

  • http://SarahRoseWasHere@blogspot.com Sarah Rose

    Hi Craig, I was so glad I came across your article on AOL this morning. I recently quit my job to move to France with my boyfriend and it’s turning out to be more of an adventure than I expected.

    This summer I will be traveling to Paris for the first time as well as the South of France and hopefully to Italy as well.

    You can follow me at SarahRoseWasHere.blogspot.com.

    Look forward to reading about all your travels. Isn’t Life Great?

    Ciao for now,
    Sarah Rose

    • http://www.stayadventurous.wordpress.com stayadventurous

      Yes, or rather “Oui, la vie est fabuleuse”

  • Matt

    Hi Craig
    We met in Rio. I was travelling with Mike Kehoe and we had quite a wild party on the top of that famous mountain/hill there.
    I’m off to a trip to explore Turkey with my wife Krista.

  • El Compadre del Mexico

    Hola Amigo y bueno suerte in your endeavors. I like what I’ve read so far and know that more is to come! Keep up the good work and don’t forget the power of herradura and pacifico in DF.

    Tu Amigo en La Ciudad de Mexico

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      muchas gracias amigo…. looking forward to our next rendezvous in DF. Stay Traveling to Mexico, Viva!

  • http://www.lifestyleignition.com Mark Lawrence

    I found your blog through twenty-something travel, and it’s refreshing each time I come across a person like you living how you want, doing what you want, and following your passions! I can’t wait to see more man!

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Thanks Mark, 20 somethings seems a long time ago now… but passion still drives me, and glad I was able to inspire… Stay passionate, Craig

  • Culver Walker

    I randomly saw an article about you on aol.com tonight and have now browsed through your blog. I studied abroad last Spring and travel a ton and I am hooked. I am going to India and Nepal in June and July and I want to teach English in Colombia come January 2011. And I have been thinking about travel writing for about a year now. Can I start so young though? You worked for awhile before you started travel writing. What you are doing is my drea

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      When you write, you are a writer… you can start whenever you want… hopefully you started, because by now you’d have tens years of content… Stay travel writing, Craig

  • Ernie V.

    Hello, Craig,

    Ah, to lead the life of the globe trotting thrill seeker! All I can say is, good for you. I’ll be living vicariously through you. Gary forwarded the blog info to me and I will be following your next journeys. Good luck, vio con Dios.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Ernie, thanks … Vaya con dios – always,. Stay living, Craig

  • http://www.wheresmrpeabody.com Mark

    Craig. Looking forward to traveling vicariously with you (and more Sunset Sunday’s). I’ll be watching!

  • http://www.locogringo.com Kay Walten

    Craig, great getting to meet you and experience Hacienda Tres Rios with you the last few days. I hope our paths cross again soon.

  • http://www.hotelcaliforniabaja.com Brent Massman

    Hi Craig!

    My name is Brent Massman and I’m one of the owners of Hotel California. I had lunch here with Ella and my partners yesterday and she introduced us to your wonderful website and blog… It’s a shame that we didn’t know you were here since it would have been great to meet you.. We’re all SO happy that you enjoyed your visit to The Hotel California and Todos Santos and sincerely thank you for your kind words and comments on your site/blog… I’m leaving Todos Santos today to return to my home in Venice, CA and will be in touch with you later this week as I would really like to send you some tee-shirts, hats, and some of our other new items as a token of our appreciation!! Again, it’s such a shame that we missed you yesterday… Please take a look at our website http://www.hotelcaliforniabaja.com especially the “Store” page and I look forward to chatting more soon…


  • Len Piropato

    Hi Craig, I am in the 2011 NYC Marathon, looking forward to your cheers, happy holidays, and all the best with Stay Adventurous

  • http://downtowntraveler.com/ LeslieTravel

    Cool blog! Look forward to reading your posts. PS- I’m still puzzling over that photo of you in Bangkok. Are you wearing a duffel bag or is that a Hefty cinch sack? 😉

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com StayAdventurous

      thanks Leslie, welcome aboard. the photo from Bangkok is neither – it’s art. Japanese Art. Taken in the Jim Thompson House.

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Frank


    Keep up the good work bro! You are one of the few people I know doing what they love. Horowitz says hi :)


    • http://www.stayadventurous.com StayAdventurous

      Will do, Thanks for stopping by. And yes, do give my love to Peter.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • http://mexcelia.wordpress.com/ celia michelle

    Just found your sight, and that view is stunning. Will be following your travels and look forward to upcoming adventures! New to this experience, not traveling, but sharing publicly what happens on the road. Seems you have been doing it for quite a while, hope to learn much through your writings. And to live vicariously through you as well, smiles…


    • http://www.stayadventurous.com StayAdventurous

      Welcome aboard. Comment / ask questions… the goal is to inspire you (and everyone) to Stay Adventurous….

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Matthew O’Mara

    Well done! Looking forward to the next installment from the road!

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

      Thanks Matthew, glad to see you found the site, thanks for signing up.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Omar

    Hi Craig!

    Just heard about y’all via Texags Radio. Really love what you guys are doing. I’ve got a group of buddies that are going to start doing something very similar. We are all recent graduates of Texas A&M. This year we are thinking about doing either USC @ Notre Dame or Auburn @ LSU. Any tips, advice? Hope you guys enjoy Aggieland and shoot me an email if you have any questions.

    Omar ’08

  • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

    Omar, thanks for listening in, we are so looking forward to our trip to college station. My advice to your group of buddies. Go. Do it. The destination is not as important as the journey. And make it an annual event. You can always swing by our tailgate and ask any of the ‘crashers’ as to where to head to.

    stay adventurous, Craig

  • Ryan

    Hello Mr Zabransky this is Ryan, Larry Elias’ son.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Hello Ryan…. welcome. Hope all is well with you and Pops… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Janet Nestor

    Hi Craig,
    Stay Adventurous indeed! Keep it going – and continue to let us know.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Hi Janet, I plan to do just that…. stay keeping on, keeping on, Craig

  • Agustin

    A pleasure meeting you at the wedding of Melanie and David! Saludos from http://www.cancunstudios.com

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      It was such an amazing wedding…. and such an amazing location… stay photographing Mexico, Craig

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEhGSWpWeDFPTkYwT3lPUTliYjZAoQWVXWVp6ZATh2eHBOcHBJMmJvbHhCUWhOZA0h6VWt4OTBpS2lib19zTUg5S0xyQnNEcGxoX0dBVmk0N2VFVmd0aTZAYc19nMlFORjd4UU0ZD/ Todd Cohen

    Awesome blog Craig, great to meet you!
    Greetings from Todd at https://Visit50.com

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Thanks Todd, love your mission on the 50, I plan to get to all 50 states by 50…. I already eclipsed 50 countries… more to go on both accounts. Stay Doing it Before (and after) 50, Craig