Sunset Sunday – A Horse on the Hudson, New York

When I met Mark, he told me his photography carefree ‘salad days’ were behind him. Just as I was getting serious about my own travel pictures and images, he was telling me how difficult it can be to earn a living as a professional photographer.

But, now since he shifted some of his focus and placed more of his effort on his passion, I see a spark. Now that he has a new brand in “Where is Mr. Peabody?” I tend to think more of the joy similar to the excitement of his ‘salad days’ might again be in his future.

And as a fan of his work, I asked him to send in a sunset photo that also included his new passion – Horses. He describes the moment here.

My friend and farrier, Jimbo, invited me and my horse, Mr. Peabody, to come to Sandy Hill Quarter Horses to chase cows. Living in Upstate New York, this is as close as we can come to being cowboys living in the old west.

The object is to corner a cow and let him run alongside a wall then get in front of the cow and turn it back the other direction.  And all this on horseback. We enjoy the challenge and the horses love the game.
sunset on horseback near the Hudson River, New York

cooling off with a great view....

After 2 hours of cow chasing we are tired and sweaty and ready to head back on down the road. The horses are also tired and wet and need to be walked and cooled down before leaving. Before putting him into the trailer to leave, Jimbo took his fine horse Gator into an adjoining field, to walk and relax him.
This beautiful sunset replaced the summer thunderstorms that were in the area when we arrived. Jimbo and Gator enjoyed the end to a very nice day.
by – Mark Samu

Mark Samu is a fine art photographer. You can read his blog and view his photography on Where is Mr. Peabody.

Happy Sunset Sunday!
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  • Melissa Morris

    beautiful! and they do appear to be very relaxed in the photo, tired perhaps, but relaxed!


  • Mark

    Thanks for posting this Craig. It brings back the memories of a great day.
    Yes, the salad days shall soon return!

  • wendy

    Beautiful and peaceful photo, Mark! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa Bergren

    Beautiful shot! I feel like I’m there…