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I am very pleased to announce my first book, Gifts from the Road, Discovering Mindset Moments, in now available in e-book and paperback. The goal is to create a series of travel books that enable us all to view the world differently by shifting our mindset. I firmly believe travel is a gateway to life change and that comes from both learning on and from adventures we take in life.


Gifts From the Road, allows me to share some of what I’ve learned to allow you the travel.

Gifts from the Road, Discovering Mindset Moments by published author - Craig Zabransky

the books have arrived



Gifts from the Road – Book Description

Gifts from the Road, Back Cover


Travel the world with writer, photographer, podcaster and now published author Craig Zabransky of Stay Adventurous and uncover the “Gifts From the Road,”

In his first book, Craig highlights 13 travel souvenir and takeaways from 13 different adventures across the globe. These short reads will not only entertain, but also shift your mindset and make you want to see the world again with renewed enthusiasm. From his travels in Asia, Europe and the Americas visiting destinations such as Singapore, Santorini, Cuba, Mexico and more he translates his mini-epiphanies into lessons we can all take to heart.

This book is never about where to go, but rather how to use a different lens to see the world. The passages and photographs enable us to readjust our focus on to what matters both in our travels and also in our life. Outlined into three easy sections, 1) planning a trip, 2) making a trip better from the road itself, and 3) reflecting on past adventures to fuel future travel, these Gifts from the Road remind us it’s never about selecting a better destination, but rather selecting a better mindset, to create a better travel experience.

Gifts from the Road – Places to Learn More

Gifts from the Road, Discovering Mindset Moments is independently published and is currently solely available on Amazon in both paperback and as an e-book. Order your copy today here

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