Sunset Sunday – 2013 Sunsets

For over three years now, the Sunset Sunday Series posts a weekly sunset image on Sunday. However, it’s more than an image. It allows the reader to see the beauty, but also experience the wonder associated with the moment. To live the moment through narrative; to come along for the ride.sunset on the malecon of mazatlan during the 2013 Carnaval Parade

Currently over 125 images and shared stories exist on the site with more each week. And every week a new sunset is scheduled. This page provides a look at the 2013 calendar, where have we already been in 2013, and which destinations are next.

Of course, you can always view all the sunsets by destination either on the Sunset Sunday series map, as a simple list,  or by specific year through the annual archives.

Sunset Calendar:

2013 Sunset Sunday Archives