Sunset Sunday-The Equinox Resort in Manchester Village, VT

The Equinox Resort in Manchester Village, Vermont is one of 1,000 places to see before you die according to the book with that title by Patricia Shultz.  But I was curious if it was one of the 1,000 best places to see if sunset? (an interesting project idea, no?)

Well, that’s what I hoped to find out of my last visit earlier this year. My “research” would be conducted over four nights. However after four straight grey days filled with untimely rainclouds, it seemed too hard to make any such declaration. But I did make a discovery.

One evening with the sun already below the the Green Mountains behind the resort (to the west), the sky began to show a little color.  Not much, but nonetheless a sunset moment.

sunset at the Equinox Spa and Resort in Manchester Village, Vermont.

a little color in the sky and drinks are poured around the fire

Did the beauty sky and sunset itself hold the beauty of the top 1,000 sunset? Perhaps not, but a moment at a top luxury collection property with a cocktail – that’s a memorable sunset.

stay adventurous, Craig


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  • Anita Mac

    Not all sunsets can make it to the top 1,000, but a great vantage point to relax and watch it…priceless!

    • craig zabransky

      Anita, so agree… love a good vantage point, it is priceless…stay adventurous, Craig

  • Maria

    Great way to close out a day!

    • craig zabransky

      The sunset is always a great way to close out the day… stay adventurous, Craig