The European Summer

With summer beginning I decided to start a series on Europe. Welcome to the European Summer.  The series will cover some of my recent adventures across the pond as well as look into some of the experiences, destinations, and lessons learned from my earlier adventures in the old world.

bridges of the Thames, London

When did you travel to Europe?
A trip to England was the very reason I applied for my first passport. I was 18. It was a long time ago. My parents decided to take me to Europe instead of returning to Mexico or the Caribbean (you didn’t need a passport for such destinations in the 1990s). They wanted to open my eyes to a different culture and since then I have returned to Europe more than a dozen times. I returned for long weekends, spent weeks on business, took two week adventure holidays, and also spent 3 months of my travel sabbatical backpacking through the continent.

an Orange Bicycle in Amsterdam, Holland

an orange bike on the canal

Ok, Why Europe Now?
It is not that the dollar is strengthening against the Euro or GBP or any of the political news, but rather because I will be watching Europe all summer. I am watching the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 and will also tune in for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. So i am watching Europe and my mind is naturally reminiscing about my prior travels to the “old world.” Not to mention I am planning new ones too.

Where will you travel?

some tapas in Barcelona, Spain

a typical meal in spain…

Everywhere. But ok, for this series? Unfortunately I am not heading to Europe except for maybe a trip to Spain in late September, but don’t worry I have a few good stories in the pipeline to share.

Ok, so what do you plan to publish when?
Again it is a summer series so it began in June and will run through July. The site already contains a very sentimental story about finding the roots of my family tree in Prague,  a special sunset in San Sebastian  one of the few destinations and others. Now I’ll add twelve more related stories on Europe on destinations such as Bulgaria, Greece, England, Holland, and more. And some will have a unique twist. Enjoy.

at the Rome Coliseum

at the Rome Coliseum

Sunsets from Europe

United Kingdom

Continental  Europe Adventures

standing beside the temple of zeus in Athens, Greece

the Temple of Zeus

stay adventurous, Craig