Sunset Sunday – Sunset at Hotel Catedral

I debated walking to the beach, but instead decided to stay in the hotel refresh and recharge for the night ahead. I planned to view the sunset from just outside my door. I hope to watch the setting sun  sparkle and illuminate downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Hotel Catedral Puerto Vallarta

the minature 'catedral' in my room

The Hotel Catedral, a charming boutique hotel in the center of downtown Puerto Vallarta,offers twenty-one rooms each uniquely decorated and filled with charm, style, and love. All the decor is hand selected and crafted by Mexican artisans. Plus, each item is available for sale to the guests. Yet, for me, the true joy was not any craft, but rather the location. It’s in the heart of downtown and easily accessible to popular beaches (guests receive access to a beach club) and the vibrant nightlife.

Also, the owner gave me a tour of the recently opened it’s roof deck.  From it all guests can view downtown Puerto Vallarta, view the iconic “crown” of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and also watch the sky turn colors during sunset. Yes, the sunset.

Sunset View of the Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Refreshed I grabbed my camera and prepared to watch the show. The sky slowly started to illuminate and I waited and hoped vivid color might illuminate and highlight iconic church tower.  Looking north instead of west, the colors perhaps weren’t as vivid, but the view of the “cathedral” from the top of Hotel Catedral certainly made up for it. Happy Sunset Sunday.

the iconic view of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" at Sunset

Stay adventurous, Craig

I’d like to thank the owner of Hotel Catedral Carlos for hosting my stay and even sharing a piece of his birthday cake with me. Also, this post is part of the 2012 Mexican March Madness.

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  • TravelDesigned

    Craig, I love it when hotels use local art to decorate and this is better yet, for sale!

  • Craig Zabransky

    @stephanie, and each room is unique and named accordingly… really enjoyed the place and its locations.

    Stay adventurous, Craig