Sunset Sunday – Oxford, England (season2)

a journal purchased in oxford england

the oxford journal

This past April my grade school best friend provided me a stunning tour of Oxford University. He studies there to complete his Masters in Archeology. On the walkabout town, he pointed out so many points of interest. Places of historical significance, literary hangouts, and even Harry Potter film sites.

On the tour, one could really feel the energy of the colleges, its tradition. Amazing. I knew I needed to purchase a journal here, something to inspire me when writing my African adventures. And yes, I found one in the Bodleian Library.

Now as I continue to fill the pages today enjoying my time in South Africa, I reflect back on those few days in Oxford. I recall that evening returning to student housing when the constant and consistent English rain ceased for a moment. The sun smiled as it set.
I quickly climbed to the second floor of the flat to take this photo. Happy “Sunset Sunday” England. (But please know I am still pulling for USA on June 12th at the World Cup)
sunset outside of the colleges of Oxford, England

Happy Sunset Sunday

Stay Adventurous, Craig

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  • Maryann

    Oxford must be inspiring, so much knowledge and history. Also loved the picture of your journal. I’m sure you will fill it with memories of Africa’s beautiful sunsets.

  • Melissa Morris

    Craig, this is very cool!

    The journal is beautiful. I can really appreciate the connection between WHAT you write and WHERE you write it. Some thoughts call for a napkin, some a computer, and some a beautiful journal like yours. Love it.


  • Maggie

    Thanks for showing us that not every sunset is the same Craig. Enjoy South Africa and go USA!

  • christina

    You DID buy a magic journal, right? Nice post!
    See you soon on YOUR turf.

    • stayadventurous

      Yes, purchased and it contains my African adventures.

      And yes, looking forward to seeing you on my side of the pond in September.

      stay adventurous, Craig

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