Sunset Sunday – A View of Sakurajima Volcano in Kagoshima, Japan

This week we head to Japan to view a sunset from the land of the rising sun thanks to Halit. Let’s take a look at the sunset he watched when living in Kagoshima Japan.

Guest post:

As a teacher in Kagoshima, Japan a few years ago, I lived next to the bay area. Opposite to where my apartment stood the mighty Sakurajima; an active volcano. Every day when I cycled to my school, I was just in awe of this beautiful force of nature. I would often stop by the bay on the way home and I caught this picture just as the sun was setting behind Sakurajima.

It blew me away. The quiet, serene location. The way the sun hit the water on one side in a column of gold. I’m from England, so it’s rare to see something so amazing. I just sat there alone, thinking there are things in this world you just have to stop for. This was one of them.

Sunset over Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima, Japan

Happy Sunset Sunday and special thanks to Halit Bozdogan for sharing his memory and sunset. Halit is a writer that loves Japanese cinema, the books of Hunter Thompson, the music of R.E.M and can be found on twitter at @thebozdog.

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