Sunset Sunday – Visions in the Paseo Art Gallery Images

If not for the friendly nature of  Oklahoma, I never would have found myself in the Paseo Art district. But my new friend Krisitn (pictured in the five photos of Oklahoma City) took me to a few galleries in the art district. In one gallery, the Visions in the Paseo Art Gallery, I noticed a sunset image from the Oklahoma Pan Handle. I asked the owner if I could photograph it to use as a potential Sunset Sunday post.

One other time, when visiting the Salkehatichie Arts Center located  in the lowlands of South Carolina, I took a picture of a sunset image. That time it was a painting of a sailboat at sunset and I used it for a Sunset Sunday story. So, here with the weather not cooperating on my visit and little chance of seeing a good sunset in Oklahoma City, I thought I’d do the same.

After talking with  the owner, Glenn, he decided to send me the image since he took the photograph.  He also added another taken by his wife. Both are from Oklahoma and both are great images. Happy Sunset Sunday.

an Oklahoma Panhandle Sunset image by Glenn Fillmore

photograph by: Glenn Fillmore - Gallery Owner & Photographer

A Oklahoma Sunset - Woodward Sunset by Cindy Viol

photographer Cindy Viol

Happy Sunset Sunday

Stay adventurous, Craig

I’d like to thank Glenn for his hospitality when viewing the images from his gallery. When in Oklahoma City I recommend you stop in the Paseo Art District and pay a visit to the Visions in the Paseo Art Gallery . Maybe one day even my images will be on display there. 

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  • Jetting Around

    Wonderful shots! I love the colors and shadows.

  • Cindy Viol

    Mr. Fillmore abandoned Visions and the artists he purportedly represented and ran away to Wichita, Kansas to live with his Mother in November 2012. He refused to fulfill his responsibility to close out the Gallery. I had financed his Gallery at great personal expense and sacrifice and then had to contact the artists and close it out because he refused to. Visions is no more.

    • craig zabransky

      Cindy, I am sorry to read this… I hope it doesn’t take away from your efforts to curate photographers in the future…I wish you the best.
      stay adventurous, Craig