Sunset Sunday – Volcano Hike of Pacaya in Guatemala

I debated the morning or afternoon. I needed to make a decision on what time to hike Pacaya. I eventually selected the afternoon hike for a chance to see the sunset. It often influences my choices. But at the time when the sun started its descent we were already on our descent too.

I still didn’t give up on a sunset image of the special moment I always cherish, but as the fog rolled in creating decreased visibility it seemed unlikely. Plus, we hiked with haste. The tour group needed to return before darkness swallowed us up on the mountainside. There are no lights on the mountain. This is Guatemala, and this hike was essentially fresh from a 2009 eruption.

Then suddenly an opening in the fog provided a view, a moment. I paused. Time froze for me, but continued for the world or so it seemed. I reached for my camera and captured a memory. This memory and the reason why I chose the afternoon hike although I discovered so much more on my hike the Guatemalan Volcano of Pacaya

sunset from the Volcano Pacaya in Guatemala

worth the hike everytime.

A sudden burst of energy increased my downward slalom on the loose volcanic stones between young trees and then eventually the dirt parth. I made it out with time to spare. And the sun, which provides the energy for life, gave me the boost I needed in its final minutes of the day. Thank you.

Happy Sunset Sunday!

stay adventurous, Craig

This Sunset Sunday post is part of the the Get to Know Guate Series. 



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  • Charu

    That is an exquisite shade of purple–i guess you and Norbert must be on the same trip together …he just tweeted something from Pacaya…enjoy!

    • Craig Zabransky

      Thanks Charu, I appreciate it. This memory is from an earlier trip, but I’ll try to connect with Norbet…

      stay adventurous, Craig

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  • The World of Deej

    Awesome shot…definitely worth the hike!

  • Raul

     Great pic!  Glad you were given the opportunity to have that view!

  • Leah Travels

    I’m down with this Sunset Sunday thing. I’m a HUGE fan of sunsets. I’ve got a few just for you on tomorrow’s Texas Tuesday post. 😉 Congratulations…another beautiful photo.

  • Francesca

    So beautiful, your words and the photo. Gotta love volcanos, too.

  • The World Wanderer

    This is a stunning picture!  I love sunsets and have been trying hard to appreciate them no matter where I am.  But, this is one like no other, I love the fog and the volcano.