Destination Series

Stay Adventurous takes you across the globe. Destination after destination. Craig, the founder and editor of the site, traveled across over 40 countries, 40 US States and continues to hit the road. He travels for one simple goal, to provide tales of travel (with quality photographs) to serve and inspire others to take and make adventure in their life. To “Stay Adventurous.”

In sharing his stories and providing inspiration through prose, he realized the best way to reach the audience is through a series of posts. Whether a weekly Sunset Sunday, a week of posts on finding Culture through Cuisine or an attempt to highlight a specific destination through a month of posts, the special series often aids in telling a story.

Here are the current and expected DESTINATION themes you can find on the blog:

After a life changing trip through southern Africa that lasted five weeks and consisted of travels across five countries; South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia I decided to dedicate an entire month to my travels. I still have so much yet to publish, there may even be an All Africa – All April.

I often write about Mexico, and to help celebrate its 200th anniversary in September of 2010, I decided to dedicate 20 posts in 20 days. This theme highlights all those posts I drafted over those twenty straight days.

After a long west coast swing down Mexico’s Pacific Coast, the destination series returns to Mexico to help promote that region of the country and also include a few posts from other travels in the country I not only consider SAFE, but also my second home. Viva Mexico!

One month of posts can not fully describe the near 40 days spent in Africa. And because of my love of the alliteration, I decided to dedicate a few weeks to Africa in April once again. This month takes us to  and includes two guest posts on from Egypt and also some videos from

It has been a while since I’ve been to Asia. Too long actually. So many places I loved, and so many adventures, I have yet to tell the readership about. Recently, I recommended places in Thailand and Indonesia and thought, I need to present these stories on my site. So prepare for some stories from those locations and more. I’ll sprinkle in China, and a guest posts too. Expect 10 days of all things Asia.

Get to know Guatemala. I backpacked through this country earlier this year and left my laptop (not my iPhone) at home. I wrote ‘old school.’ I used pen and paper. Now through two parts, one this October 2011 and then again one in the first quarter of 2012 (slated for February) I plan to discuss my adventures. Experience the capital city and its colonial city, spend time in one of its many lake towns relaxing or on the water in a kayak, ride the buses and hike the jungles at the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Yes, get to know this small central American country. Get to know Guate.

  • November in Namibia (November 2011)

one of my favorite photos of 2010...

As much as I write about my travel through Southern Africa I have still much more to say and show you about Namibia. It was a country I knew little about and it’s now a country I completely recommend. Look for 10 days of stories on the red sand dunes, the capital of Windhoek, and Walvis bay. I’ll also include a “where to stay” and also some more sunset sunday moments.

More to come …..

Stay Adventurous, Craig