Sunset Sunday – The Mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam, India

I met Swarupa on twitter, she uses the twitter handle @theepicmexico. But I discovered she was from India. Curious, I started to chat and discovered she lived and worked in Guadalajara for about six months at a Mexican multinational and also, fell in love with the country. It’s not hard. We talked about her book project, how Indian food is similar to Mexican Cuisine and also a love of sunsets. I asked her if she would share one from India to help complete the Sunset Sunday Map. She agreed.  I am glad she did. 

sunset on the mighty Brahmputra River, in Assam, India

I was aboard the ferry which had departed from Majuli Island, the world’s largest fresh water mid-river deltaic island formed by the mighty River Brahmaputra. The ferry was carrying more than 100 passengers, 3-4 cars, and over 50 motorbikes, all neatly stacked on the upper deck. As the only source of transport connecting this culturally rich island with the mainland so the crowd on board was entirely local and mostly men. 

I had perched myself on a wooden plank on the open-air upper deck to take in the beauty of the surroundings and the approaching sunset during the 45-minute ride.

I had already taken many lovely photos of the “blue” river during the ride but as the sun slowly started its descent I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky. I was overwhelmed by the mystic glow of colors as the sunset intensified on the water and in the sky in its soft light. I was relentless in my pursuit to capture a really good shot of the “golden moment of nature.” In fact, I could not stop clicking photos. The Brahmaputra River was beautiful all day, but this sunset was truly the “icing on the cake.” 


Happy Sunset Sunday!

Swarupa N. Ovalekar  fell in love with Mexico after her time there, and wrote a three book series on the culture, cuisine, and history of the country. She blogs at and can be found on twitter @theepicmexico


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