Sunset Sunday – Sunset in Windhoek, Namibia

I landed in Windhoek, Namibia, but my luggage didn’t. I’d travel to the city without it and trust it would be on the next flight. Thankfully, a few daily flights exist to the capital of Namibia from South Africa, but the airport was far from busy on the day I arrived.

A Windhoek Larger in Windhoek, Namibia

A few of us drinking Windhoek in Windhoek

On the long bus ride to the city I stared out the window to view the pure, vast, dry terrain. No one. Nothing.  I wondered why the airport was so far from the city.  I’d wonder about many things in Namibia, and I’d realize after my time across the country, this was all part of the charm. (With multiple mountain ranges near the city, the airport needed to be constructed miles away.)

The City of Windhoek

Then after an hour, maybe longer, we arrived to the few streets called Windhoek. A capital city where Fidel Castro Strasse (St) intersects with Robert Mugabe Avenue. A capital city organized by German settlement, but now run by the native population after the end of Apartheid in Southern Africa (1990s). A city where the only foreigners are Chinese businessmen and adventure tourists. It seemed to be a last frontier type of town and one booming with development.

A Windhoek Larger at Sunset

Windhoek even has its own beer and I decided to have a few in the bar at the Protea Hotel Fürstenhof before dinner. After one, and then a second (a switch to a Light since they were the only cold bottles)  I headed outside to the courtyard. I took my camera and decided to capture an image of the city at sunset.

It was not the best setting or sunset to photograph. Yet,  sometimes I stare out at the horizon watch the colors in the sky change and just marvel at where I am in the world. And regardless of all the differences when compared to my hometown or even my last destination, the sunset remains the one constant. It’s a moment shared across the globe. We all watch the sunset.  We all pause and reflect as the day ends.

I’d eventually watch many magnificent sunsets  in Namibia, but this was my Windhoek sunset moment. Happy Sunset Sunday.

the sunset in Windhoek, Namibia

the city at sunset

stay adventurous, Craig

this post is part of the November Namibia series.

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  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    I’m dying to get back to Africa!

    • Craig Zabransky

      It’s an amazing place, isn’t it. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Sarah Wu

    Namibia looks like a great place to see menus the fact your suitcase was delay : )