The Adventure Travel Mindset

Stay Adventurous; I live it, encourage it, and hope my stories inspire you to do the same. Yes, that’s the goal and that’s why I keep this travel site. It’s a mindset for travel and a mindset for life, but sometimes our mindset causes us to miss out.  To combat a negative mindset, I decided to specifically write about the mindset and give advice, or lessons learned, on how to adjust it.

What is the Adventure Travel Mindset?

Each adventure won’t necessarily be classified as ‘adventure travel’ by travel industry standards, but rather adventure travel by Stay Adventurous standards.

Stay Adventurous standards? What are those?

Well, I don’t believe everyone needs to bungee jump in Acapulco in order to be adventurous. No, what everyone does need is to step outside their normal experience and try something a little different. To be open to a small change in their tried-and-true routine, the type of change that alters the way you think, and the type of change that can create a new normal. A changed perception. Remember, it’s a mindset for travel; a mindset for life.

OK, sounds profound.  How do you plan to accomplish that, and what makes these posts different than your other posts?

Good question. All of my posts encourage, and hopefully inspire, the reader to ‘stay adventurous.’ These posts will outline specifically how my normal (routine, outlook, life) changed and how the decisions I made created that change. They will also address an improper mindset, and how to improve it. You’ll see.

So what and where are these adventures?

Remember, in these posts I’ll focus on mindset problems and offer lessons within each one. They can occur across the world, or in your backyard.  To read them, I’ve outlined the mindset “problem” below with a link to the story.

Stay adventurous, Craig