Mexican March Madness

On Stay Adventurous March equals Mexico. Yes, it is always All Mexico All March on the stay adventurous platform.  It’s Mexican March Madness (#MexMarchMadness).

picking up some Cacao Fruit in Tabascao outside of Villahermosa

Holding Cacao in Tabasco

Mexican March Madness for 2020

We skipped 2019, and have slowed the #mexMarchmadess some in recent years, well, truth be told, my Villanova Wildcats have proved themselves, making March madness about more than just Mexico. Yet this year, the madness of March is certainly different. But to provide entertainment and information about one of the best countries to visit, I decided to revive #MexMarchMadness on Facebook and post my Mexico destination podcasts to allow more listeners to listen.

So, get ready for March on /StayAdventurous (Facebook) with #MexMarchMadness.

Come along for the ride and learn more about one of my favorite countries this and some of the best things to do in Mexico  as I will showcase all the places featured on the Staying Adventurous podcast. Places such as in Cozumel, Tabasco, Chiapas, La Paz, Puerto Vallarta, and more. Much more. Let’s explore the riches and diversity Mexico offers its visitors.

The Restaurant at Hacienda Cabo in Los Cabos

Why Travel to Mexico?

If you know me, it’s no secret I love Mexico.  If you don’t, well, welcome aboard. Hopefully after each March you will learn more and even start to appreciate all the positives the country offers its visitors.

Don’t be afraid to love the country either. You may even be surprised about what you’ll find. There are many reasons Why I love Mexico and my love affair runs deep, very deep. It started with the 16 months when I lived in Mexico City (CDMX) and traveled across the country. Since then, I have considered Mexico my second home. Now it is a place I love to return to a few times each year. But ….

Is Mexico Travel Safe?

a plate of tacos al pastor from tacos tumbras in Acapulco, Mexico

the first course, yes, there was a second… stay delicious

Yes. Yes, it’s safe. And no, I am not naive. I understand there are areas of Mexico that might be dangerous such as border towns or even certain neighborhoods in certain cities. But I lived in the New York City – there are certain neighborhoods I avoided there and all across my country.  And no I am not talking about in odd, unique times such as with the fear and panic over the COVID-19 pandemic. I am tlaking normal times, and hopefully that is in alll of our futures, I believe it is.

So,  I recommend visitors come to New York City and the United States in general. And I recommend you visit Mexico. Hey, you can probably get a good deal too.

But, how do you really know Mexico is safe?

Well, how do you know it’s not safe? Have you been there? I visited Mexico on average between four-five times each year since 2010. That’s a lot of air miles.  The recent destinations include: Chiapas, Tabasco, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, and Puebla.  During my adventures I spent time with tour groups, attended conferences, traveled with friends, worked as a travel writer, led a tour – Stay AdvenTours to Mexico City and also traveled solo. I never felt threatened or in danger once. Not once.  So are you ready to give Mexico a chance (or another chance?)

Ok, I’ll give Mexico a chance, but what do you plan to cover in the Series?

Glad you asked. In the past I’ve published adventures from multiple destinations and continued with the current themes: Sunset Sunday, Culture Through Cuisine, Beach Thursday, Where to Stay?,  and more. You’ll see some again this March and more.

2020 Mexican March Madness

blogger with binoculars bird watching in la paz, baja california sur, mexico

prepare to discover Mexico

This year, we plan to review all the destinations visited on the Staying Adventurous Podcast. Of course, the podcast visits more than just Mexico, but in its 42 episodes, we have visited Mexico 13 times once I release episode 43 on the pueblo Magico Valle de Bravo at the end of this month of madness.

Well, here they all are, and each will be shared on the Facebook: /stayadventurous fanpage.  this month too.

  1. the State of Yucatan – A Unique Mexico
  2. A Taste of Puebla, for Cinco de Mayo
  3. Eco-Adventure in Puerto Vallarta
  4. Adventure Travel to the Frontier in Chiapas, Mexico
  5. Playing in Playa del Carmen
  6. Touring Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas an Adventure Capital of Mexico
  7. More than Cruising to Cozumel, Mexico’s Caribbean
  8. Traveling to Tabasco
  9. Boarding the Copper Canyon Train through Chihuahua
  10.  The Magic of Malinalco, Mexico
  11. The Culture, Cuisine and Colors of  Colima
  12. Peace, Love and La Paz, Mexico
  13. Valle De Bravo, Mexico



mexican march madness rappel down the sinkhole of parrots

dropping in on #mexMarchMadness

2018 Mexican march Madness

This year, the theme will focus on diversity inside Mexico. Essentially the currently marketing campaign slogan is “A world of its own” and I could not agree more. There is so much to see and do inside this incredible country. So this month we shall explore of few of these options and showcase the diversity of adventure that awaits the traveler in Mexico.

2017 Mexican March Madness

riviera nayarit for filming the bitacora, my jorunal, mexican march madness

Day 01 of Filming in Riviera Nayarit

This year, the focus will be on a my Mexico video travel vlog and my work with Visit Mexico to showcase two destinations, one paradise. So get ready to see my in action and on video this March, as we showcase the 12 videos I made with Visit Mexico during the “Live It To Believe It” campaign. See me explore the riches of both the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta (6 episodes each).

Riviera Nayarit

Puerto Vallarta

2016 Mexican March Madness

For 2016 it is all about diversity again, but this time with the ruins. The country is far from just Mayan and Aztecs.  entire country.  Let’s explore and visit a few ruins I haven’t posted on, but visited. For exisitng ruins posts, find Coba, Chichen Itza, and Teotihuacan already described, but let’s discover more:

selfie when walking the Mayan ruins of Pakenque in Chiapas, Mexico

I made it to Palenque :-)

and more post relating to adventures in the regions.

2015 Mexico March Madness

This year, 2015, is a little different. Yes, it will be a month of all posts on Mexico, but this year I will explore more of Mexico and attempt to do something for the entire month… 31 days, 31 states. Ever want to know a Mexico location, learn the best Mexico travel tips, well then come with me and explore Mexico State by State.   Yes, Mexico, or the United States of Mexico has 31 states and a capital. So for Mexican March Madness in 2015, I will do an story, identifying the best Mexico Travel tips and the Where to go in Mexico and providing the location and advice for each of the 31 states in 31 days.

<CORRECTION> Mexico City officially became a state in 2016, making the number of states in Mexico 32. I added a video from my Stay AdvenTours – Mexico City tour, to allow you to see and explore this wonderful new city-state.

colorful map of mexico, it is made up of 31 states, the united mexican states.

I plan to showcase something each day and highlight a different state. Remember 31 days in March and 31 states in Mexico. (correction: in early 2016, Mexico City became the 32nd state – It was just a DF – federal district, not unlike Washington DC for those in the States, but now it is a full state)

So for the 31 days of March in 2015, we will explore the 31 States of Mexico. True Mexican March Madness.

Mexico Recap video: Watch it > All 31 Mexican States.

There is also the capital city – Mexico City, the destination my first tour, the StayAdvenTours will take you. (Now a State too)

Photos taken on my tours to Mexico City

Photos taken on my tours to Mexico City

 > Stay AdvenTOURs  Mexico City. 

2014 Mexican March Madness

2013 Mexican March Madness

2012 Mexican March Madness

2011 Mexican March Madness

Stay adventurous, Craig

  • geordie

    Craig, I hope the Mexican March Madness is going well. I just got sent two news reports on the safety of traveling in Mexico, and constantly get asked the question, is it safe to travel in Mexico. Well, I responded with this article today –

    Good luck with the Mexican march madness, will for sure be stopping back by for a visit.


    • craig zabransky

      Thanks for sharing… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Craig Zabransky

    Thanks Geordie. As you know I believe Mexico is safe. And “Mexican March Madness” hopes to demonstrate that by focusing a full month on Mexico.

    And, I am glad you focus on the positives of Mexico on your site as well. It’s a great place. A real great place. (and a safe place too)

    stay adventurous, Craig

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  • Amber Rose

    YESSSS!!!! Mexico is AmaZiNg!!! I can’t wait to follow along! I’ll be there in May. Will be doing the same with lots of VIDEO.. Wooohoo! This is going to be fun. :)

    • Craig Zabransky

      @Amber, great to hear… so you have a May Mexican Madness to take care of…I look forward to watching the videos :-)
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Kieu – GQ trippin

    Mexico is high on our list.. so close and yet we’ve never been. LOL, I have no idea why..

    • craig zabransky

      Kieu, GO. You will enjoy it, trust me. And when you do, let me know I”ll send along a few pointers… (that goes for anyone, just ask)
      Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Lazy Travelers

    the next time my father argues with me regarding mexico’s safety, i’ll refer him to you! xo, the wino

    • craig zabransky

      Please do. Or better yet, tell him to come to the NY Travel Festival in April. I”ll be telling an entire audience. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Pennilessandfree

    I’m just about to finish up my 2 months of traveling through Mexico (have 7 days left in Tulum!) and can without hesitation say Mexico has been one of my favourite countries to travel in.

    I am absolutely enamored with Mexico, such a colourful and diverse country. I’ve never once feared for my safety and the locals I’ve encountered have been so friendly and accommodating – putting up with my terrible Spanish without any annoyance! Oh and don’t even get me started on the food…amazingly good!

    I look forward to reading Mexican March Madness and reminiscing about my trip!

    • craig zabransky

      Pennilessandfree, first off, love the name… and secondly so happy to read this. SO glad you are enjoying Mexico and also Mexican March Madness too… I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment… Mexico is an amazing place. Enjoy.

      stay adventurous, Craig

  • Ana Silva O’Reilly

    You love your Mexico! Will keep an eye on this march madness as I’m curious!

    • craig zabransky

      I do, I’ll admit it. So much, I am actually speaking about her (the country) at the New York Travel Festival this April…
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • CaptainandClark

    Such a great idea! I haven’t been to Mexico for years but I eat Mexican food weekly. We’ve really got to head back soon!

    • craig zabransky

      You do, and when you do, let me know…. well, let me know if you need any suggestions. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Traveling Ted

    Great that the Big Dance over on this site is showcasing all that is great about Mexico.

    • craig zabransky

      Ted, absolutely three years now… and it is safer than following my NCAA brackets, that is for sure… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Lauren DiMarco

    i want to go to Mexico but i want you to be my escort. i like having chaperones 😉

    • craig zabransky

      That may be very possible, I am planing to develop a tour (or even tours) for this year and beyond… I’ll certainly let you know… stay adventurous, Craig

  • A Closer Look Tours

    Great article, thank you for publishing it. We also have a great comments from our passengers traveling on our Copper canyon Tour.

  • TravelEdits

    So glad you’re sharing all these positive things about Mexico, Craig – I travelled the country for three weeks in 2010 and was so impressed by the friendliness, diversity and beauty, Keep up the good work!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks or Gracias… Mexico really has gotten under my skin… I am glad to hear you share the same sentiment about the friendliness, diversity and beauty… it’s a great place to visit… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Mexique Découverte

    Le Mexique est un pays magnifique, riche de culture, d’artisanat et d’une unique biodiversite !

    • craig zabransky

      oui oui.

  • John Scherber

    As for safety, I’ve lived in Mexico for 7 years and it’s easy to live a perfectly normal life here. After 15 months of criss-crossing Mexico, my new book looks
    at Americans and Canadians who’ve chosen to avoid the big expat colonies in San
    Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala. What they’ve found is both diverse and
    surprising. If you’re wondering what the expat experience is like, whether on
    the beach or in the colonial cities of the interior, you need to listen to this
    conversation. The book is called Into the
    Heart of Mexico: Expatriates Find Themselves Off the Beaten Path, and there
    is no other book like it. There’s a sample on my website:

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks John, appreciate it. I have no doubt it is an amazing place… you may see me their one day full time… it offers so much. Stay promoting (Mexico), Craig

  • lola

    i WANT to go on that tour with you!!! #StayMexicoCity

    • craig zabransky

      Hope you can make the Nov 5th trip. Be awesome to show you one of my favorite cities. Stay Loving DF,Craig

  • Melanie Ramos

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