Where to Stay in Mazatlán? – El Cid Marina Beach

Mazatlán offers over ten thousand hotel rooms for visitors and in my travels to the coastal city, I’ve stayed in multiple. All enjoyable and all safe. And when people ask me in conversation where to stay when traveling in Mazatlán, I’ll mention hotels in multiple neighborhoods (Nuevo Mazatlán, Old Town, and the Golden Zone). But, regardless of what hotels I mention, I always find myself mentioning the El Cid Marina Beach for a unique experience.

the view of the Marina

I never considered staying at a marina on a vacation, but I received the opportunity as part of my trip to Fiesta Amigos. The appreciation began in the hot tub on a later afternoon soak. A Canadian couple mentioned this was their 10th time in Mazatlán and they love staying at the El Cid (they operate multiple properties in the city), especially the marina.

“Why?” I asked.

Always seemed to be a Marlin in the Marina

They continued with how they grew up with boats and it reminded them of many of their childhood joys. I flashed back to my weekends on the Great South Bay of Long Island and the hours in the marina. I started to smile.

That started my understanding, but I also realized the property offers so much more too.

Mazatlán Fishing Charters and Trips to Deer Island

Right in the marina you can charter boats or take a celebratory booze cruise. Many come to charter a full day fishing trips and head out for the prized marlin and sailfish.  I did. Others enjoy pleasure boating and  take catamaran cruises. I did too and took the excursion to Deer Island.  Next time I plan to take a sunset cruise.

loaded catamaran heading out for sunset on the bay

Also, even if you don’t head to sea, visitors and guests always head down to the pier when the boats come in to see the day’s catch. Most times it’s pretty impressive.

Full Suites with a View

The rooms are hardly just a bed and bathroom. A full kitchen and living area make it a suite. And if you don’t select the ‘All-Inclusive Plan it’s ideal for a few left-overs after a dinner downtown (portions can be big). But on either plan, the refrigerator is perfect to keep a few chilled cervezas.

the extra space;the living space with a view

the bedroom

Plus, nothing beats a sunset on the balcony with one of those cervezas.

Located in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán

Although it is an oasis on to itself, it is located at the edge of the highly active Golden Zone. So it’s close to the action in the popular tourist zone and also not to far from a visit to Old Town, the heart of Mazatlán. And importantly, hotel guests still can enjoy transportation in the iconic open air taxis to and from town. This is a must when in Mazatlán.

the beach in the morning, still plenty of chairs...

Access to the Beach

The resort is called the El Cid Marina and Beach Resort, so yes it has access to a beach.  The only thing to consider is that you need to cross the marina channel via a boat to access the beach. The trips are constant and only takes a minute, but don’t forget something in the room.

Also, the stretch of sand is separated from the Golden Sand of the Golden Zone. If you want a private, quieter beach this is for you, but if you like long strolls along the beach, you’ll need to take transportation to another one of the El Cid properties in the  Golden Zone.


If you wanted to return to the nautical feel, to have the vibe of the sea, then this location is a great way to spend a week in Mazatlan. Extremely close, yet semi-secluded from the Golden Zone’s true fiesta, I’d recommend it for folks searching for a comfortable and quiet trip especially those looking to fish or golf. (El Cid property guests have access to a course).

Also it seems perfect for families who can really benefit from the kitchen and extra space in the suites. I noticed a winter special at under $100 per room and close to double that ($200plus) for the first level of the all inclusive.

stay adventurous, Craig

I’d like to thank El Cid Marina Beach for hosting my stay during the annual Fiesta Amigos celebration. Also, this post is both part of the 2012 Mexican March Madness and also the Where to Stay Series.

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  • http://www.traveldesigned.com TravelDesigned

    Craig, we still have not planned our trip to Mazatlan. I have got to get going on it! This just might be the motivation I need!

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

      @Stephanie, you must… truly a great destination, one worth seeing in Mexico.
      stay adventurous, Craig

  • probably-irrational

    I bought an El Cid timeshare that ran for 20 years. After about 10 years the maintenance fee was so high it was costing me money to keep this timeshare. I wrote multiple emails to the company asking that my contract be terminated. I stopped using the timeshare and before I knew it a collection company was calling and put a lien on my home for more than $1000. Beware of El Cid timeshares. They’ll abuse you with their maintenance fees and then send you to a collection agency if you try to get out of the contract. I’ll never stay with them again.