Postcard-Blue Sky Religion in Copala

the church in copala, sinaloa, mexicoIn the state of Sinaloa, Mexico a small mining town nestled in the mountains still holds its colonial charm. Copala, a short day trip from Mazatlan, offers visitors a wonderful chance to explore and take in history. And part of that history remains a visit to the impressive catholic church on the main square.

Even with much of the inside still shiny from all the gold used to complete the catholic altar and decor, the color that captivated me even more on my afternoon was blue. Yes, the blue sky backdrop. Actually, call crayola, I’d like to name this color -“Blue Sky religion.”

stay adventurous, Craig

This image is part of the 2013  Mexican March Madness. This year it will consist of 31 photos during the 31 days of March. Also, I am wishing everyone a Happy Easter Sunday for those who celebrate.


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  • Maria Falvey

    You should make your own crayon set. “blue-sky religion” and green-early-rice could be a couple of starter colors.

    • craig zabransky

      Maria, thanks… it would be a fun exercise and I am sure I could make a few colors from yesterday’s Holi celebration too… a post on that shortly. stay adventurous, Craig

  • SibylW

    Gorgeous photo, and the name you chose is awesome. Makes me want to visit.

    • craig zabransky

      Gracias Sibyl… I really love this part of Mexico and when (not if) you go, let me know I have many recommendations. stay adventurous, Craig

  • Raul (@ilivetotravel)

    It’s this type of small towns that really make me want to go to Mexico!

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