Tabasco: The State, not the Sauce!

This Tabasco is not in Louisiana, but it is hot! Located in part, along the low-lying coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico, temperatures can climb and stay over 100 ºF!  The region is very green, lush and tropical, particularly along what is called the “Centla Coast.”

While there are many reasons to visit the State of Tabasco, we like to explore the region for its rich cultural and archeological past, beginning with the Olmec. Considered among the earliest civilizations of Mesoamerica, that began as all civilizations did, with the advent of agriculture (in Mexico’s case from the domestication of corn), the timeline dates the Olmec to around 1800 BC. The culture is known as “The Mother Culture of Mexico.”

The Olmec had a great influence and impact on the early formation and advancement of civilization throughout Mesoamerica, which is evidenced today by their monumental sculptures and art such as the basalt “Colossal Heads” for which they are most known.

the colossal Olmec Head from Tabasco, Mexico

Best Mexico Travel Tips: Things to do in Tabasco

Besides exploring its Olmec past, there is much more to do in Tabasco including the Biosphere Reserve, Pantanos (Swamps) de Centla, the town of Tenosique, particularly for the Danza del Pocho Festival, during Carnival time.  And, the cuisine of the region is also unique, with many dishes based on river and ocean fish and seafood, namely the “pejelagarto” a fresh water gar fish the region is known for.

Plus, the ancient civilizations discovery trail doesn’t end with the Olmecs either, there s plenty to explore about Mayan civilizations too. Just outside and to the northwest of Villahermosa is the fascinating and beautiful site of Comalcalco. The town of Comalcalco is the epicenter of the cacao plantations and production of Mexico too. It is here that cacao (chocolate) originates and in the ancient Maya times, cacao was considered sacred and used as currency. It was served as a hot drink to be consumed only by the elite, for the purpose of religious ceremony and often combined with chili, achiote, honey and water. It is much different than the hot chocolate (or Tabasco Sauce! ) we think of today.

Mexico Location: Where is Tabasco?

A frontier spirit and mentality characterizes Tabasco, as it is strategically situated at the crossroads of the Gulf Coast Region (East of Veracruz), the Yucatan Peninsula and the Chiapas Highlands. While much of Tabasco is at or below sea level the Sierra de Tabasco, going towards Chiapas, is more mountainous, and the River Region is the piece of land that stretches out towards Guatemala, wedged between Campeche and Chiapas.


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