Quinceañera-A Mexican Sweet 15

a mexican girl gets photos for her sweet 15, her quinceanera on the streets of Veracruz, Mexico

For Mexican girls, it’s all about 15 and their quinceañera. It is not a sweet 16, but rather a sweet 15 (quinceañera translates to being 15 years old). And on my walk through the streets of Veracruz, I noticed one young girl preparing for her party by getting some photos taken. It is something you can often stumble upon in Mexico. This time with my camera, I snapped an image and eventually wished her a feliz cumpleaños (happy birthday).

Stay adventurous, Craig

This image is part of the 2013  Mexican March Madness. This year it will consist of 31 photos during the 31 days of March

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  • Maryann

    You captured a great picture. She looks so very sweet.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Thanks, It was a very fun moment… stay adventurous, Craig

  • Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    Nice shot, Craig. A very pretty girl and she looks so happy.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Mary, thanks. Yes, she did seem so happy. Stay adventurous, Craig

  • Emjay

    She looks beautiful!