All Aboard and Staying Adventurous in the Copper Canyon, ep 30

Hop on and let’s go all aboard through the Copper Canyon of Mexico. Let’s take one of the world’s most impressive railway journeys in the state of Chihuahua Mexico and cross through canyons carved from the rivers of yesteryears in an area four times the size of the US Grand Canyon.

the views of the copper canyon from the el chepe train in chihuahua, mexico

The views of the Canyons from the Train

Chihuahua Adventure Park Copper Canyon in Divisadero, Mexico

Adventure awaits in the Copper Canyon

Ever hear of the Copper Canyon in Mexico? Amazingly, for years I was unaware of this “bucket list” adventure destination in the heart of Mexico until I first discussed just over 12 years ago when working in Mexico City.  Now after years of Mexico Travel both personally and professionally which included partial passage through the copper Canyon on the El Chepe Train, I can confirm this journey remains one of Mexico’s most amazing adventures.  Let’s listen in and learn more about the culture, canyons, and adventurous activities that await those who visit Mexico’s Copper Canyon.


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Locals raramuri Indians are often selling items in the Copper Canyon of Mexico

Local Raramuri are often selling besides the Train

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