El San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid, Yucatan

After my first visit to Chichen Itza, my tour made a second stop in Valladolid before returning back to the Riviera Maya. After  lunch we walked our way down Calzada de los Frailes street and arrived at the main square. We arrived at the San Bernardino Convent.

Upon arrival, each of us in the tour group added another required wristband to our growing collection and entered the ex convent of San Bernardino. The tour took led us through the multiple floors, both inside and outside while our guide provided a detailed description of all the structures, the history, and described its importance to Valladolid and the Yucatan.

San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid Mexico

the approach to the Convent

As I walked the grounds, I focused on the aesthetics. I decided to appreciate the moment instead of wonder about the validity of the original mission for the buildings. I adored the art and arches, cherished the crisp colors and the rain cooled corridors and found peace outside in the courtyard and the cloister. I transformed. Something was different.

Quickly, I received my message or perhaps some encouragement from above. (I was in a church after all). And a compliment I”ll never forget arrived.  A fellow traveler after watching me take photographs, said “you know, you have a great eye for photography”

Holy…. I smiled, and gracefully responded with “Gracias.” His words, so simple, yet so impactful. Well, I hope you feel the same when you view these images. Enjoy.

The Crosses of San Bernardino

Crucifix at San Bernardino Convent, Valladolid

the crucifix at the entrance

Cenote Cross at San Bernardino Convent, Valladolid

a cross over the well, a cenote

Courtyard Cross at San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid

a cross in the courtyard

cross candle at San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid

walking to the second floor

Chapel and Cloister of San Bernardino

The Chapel in San Bernardino Convent Valladolid, Mexico

The Cloister at San Berardino Convent in Valladolid

Sitting down at the San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid

the light shines in...

Looking outside in San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid

the view to the courtyard


The San Bernardino Convent in Valladolid, Mexico

every place has its street vendors

After our tour, we boarded the bus and headed to our final stop, Cenote Zaci. Another impressive attraction, but the images and the compliment of Convent El San Bernardino will always be my highlight of Valladolid.

stay adventurous, Craig

A special thanks to Xichen for providing passage through my work with Riviera Maya. This is the last post of the 2012 Mexican March Madness.

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  • jody

    Love your pics of the crosses – they are captured beautifully!

  • http://casaplayamaya.com Bill Koller

    Just up the Coba Road from me..about 35 min drive. My hideout during hurricanes and where I get all my major auto repairs and furniture Made. Did you go to the Hotel Marquesea? My staff live there. LOVE Valladollid.

    Happy Easter. Having Haussenpheffer for Easter dinner. Yes I am going to EAT the Easter Bunny.

  • http://www.alaskagirlatheart.com Pamela

    I only got a glimpse of Valladodid as we drove through after visiting Chichen Itza, but I just knew it was a fasinating place. It’s on my “places to visit” the next time I’m in Mexico. So beautiful.

  • http://www.stayadventurous.com Craig Zabransky

    @Jody, thank you, glad you enjoyed the crosses.

    @Bill, Great town, and no, I didn’t get to that hotel, but perhaps next time. If it works for your staff, it will work for me. Oh, and make sure the bunny does what s/he does best before dinner, we need more for next year.

    @Pamela, thanks. Glad you enjoyed Valladolid and the photos. I myself need to return, I only spent a limited time there too.

    stay adventurous, Craig

  • Kristen Kuhns

    Craig esp love the pic of the front doors where the light coming in makes another cross!

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

       Thanks Kristen, and it does indeed.
      stay adventurous, Craig

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