Traveling to Tabasco, Mexico – Episode 29

When I reach for the hot sauce now, my mind travels off to the real destination, a place ironically where the Tabasco peppers are not grown, but it is certainly hot – in the southern part of Mexico on the Gulf. The sauce I grew up with is produced in Louisiana, but the actual destination inside Mexico offers plenty of spice too.  The state itself, small by land mass, holds quite a few treasures for those travelers who decide to travel to Tabasco.

the mayan site of comalcalco in tabasco, mexico

The Mayan site of Comalcalco

Episode 29 – Traveling through Tabasco

Listen in to discover where is Tabasco and what awaits the travelers who decide to make it a destination. Perhaps not one of the popular resort destinations in Mexico, Tabasco offers many of the adventures that most of us crave on holiday, from its hot tropical climate, to its incredible cuisine, history, culture, outdoor activities, and hospitality. This episode highlights the best things to do in Tabasco, some top travel tips, the staying adventurous mindset moment and also two interviews with locals working in tourism and craft beers.

Puerto Cieba, the blue Crab, in Tabasco, Mexico

Puerto Cieba

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Staying Adventurous, Craig

Too much madness in March pushed this release until April, but I do vow to right the ship as we continue through the year’s 12 episodes. For more on the extended Mexican March (and April) Madness, see MexMarchMadness.

Also, I was hosted on this adventure to Tabasco, but the words, thoughts, images, and opinions remain, as always on my Staying Adventurous Podcast, my own.



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