The Culture, Cuisine, and Colors of Colima Mexico, Staying Adventurous Ep 34

We return to Mexico and visit one of its lesser known and smallest states Colima. What it lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in adventure and local products. The destination, still off the main tourism trails in Mexico, may not be for too much longer.

the downtown plaza with a fountain in colima city, mexico

Downtown Colima City


Listen in and join me on an adventure “Coming to Colima” as we explore this pacific coast destinaiton in Mexico. We help from three interviews, two fellow travelers and one local tour guide we explore the best things to do in Colima. On this episode we visit Comala, a “Pueblo Magico,” the seaside port of Manzanillo, two iconic volcanos, the Volcan de Colima (active) and the Volcan de Nevado, and explore the Culture thru Cuisine as we discover an artisanal salt and what to drink, including locally distilled rum. Enjoy and let’s explore the culture, cuisine and colors of Colima.



Podcast Shownotes

artisan mask in colima city, mexico

love the art work…. would this mask work for me?

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  • william b kaliher

    Nice interview–can not believe how much I missed despite dozens of trips through Colima–

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Bill…. i was impressed myself with this little slice of Mexico. definitely give it a stop on the next trip through the pacific coastal states… stay revisiting, Craig