Spring Break Cancun, Mexico – Yes, there is a Beautiful Beach

Spring Break. Judging already?  How about “Spring Break in Cancun?” Nearly everyone has his or her opinion. For some, it is a turn-off, for others a turn on, and whichever you believe, many people want to experience it at least once.

the view of the beach in cancun at the marriott cancun casamagna

the view of the beach in Cancun Mexico at the CasaMagna Mariott Cancun

Well, I went twice. Yes, surprised?

 College Spring Break

Well, my first Cancun spring break was in the 90s. The world was a different place especially since social media was non-existent and no I didn’t have a camera either. Actually, for many of us on that adventure, it probably served us better not to have evidence of the episode. The chaotic chapter that is Spring Break is something I will always remember or thankfully forgot because of mi amigo – Don Julio (tequila).

the MTV Stage iat Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico

there wasn't a stage like this when I was in college.

The Return to Cancun

girls gone wild in cancun, mexico on spring breakgirls gone wild in cancun, mexico on spring break

While working in Mexico City, a friend of mine confided he had never had a “real” spring break. We decided to turn our consulting lifestyle hotel loyalty points and frequent flyer airline miles into a weekend escape from the city. I returned to see a very different Cancun. But regardless of all the MTV stages, shows and Girls Gone Wild videos … the beach was still as beautiful as I remembered it.

spring breakers enjoying the beach and posing for one of their friends

Stay adventurous, Craig

This concludes this winter’s Beach Thursday Series. Hope you enjoyed viewing a beach each and every Thursday to keep you warm through this year’s long winter. Hopefully spring, as the calendar promises, is right around the corner.


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  • Maggie Mistal

    I went to Cancun for Spring Break too and my favorite part was the beach. Glad it still is beautiful and thanks for another Beach Thursday series. This winter has been rough :)

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      Still looks great, I even visited again this year…
      Stay Beach Bumming, Craig

  • Maryann

    So many beaches in Mexico and so little time. Cancun is a great spot. Had a great time there and not on Speing break.

    • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

      So true, there are so many beaches to visit… but returning to this one never seems like a bad idea… perfect for a winter break. Stay taking a beach break, Craig

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