Welcome to the ‘Staying Adventurous’ Podcast

Come along for the adventure, and learn the mantra “stay adventurous” is not just the mindset for travel, but the mindset for life. On this show, host Craig Zabransky will bring to life the world’s best destinations and show them to you through a different lens. Listen in as he shares his thoughts to invoke emotion in your heart and soul and as he inspires us to take and make adventure in Your lives.

What’s inside a Staying Adventurous Podcast Episode?

taking a coffee in the morning on the hammock at Casa de Corazon in Soliman Bay, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Grab a cup of coffee and listen in

Each episode includes:

  • Craig’s thoughts on the destination
  • Recaps and highlights from his adventure / itinerary
  • Live interviews with locals and tourism operators
  • Travel tips for the destination including where to watch the sunset, what to eat and more
  • The special mindset moment (a travel souvenir) we can all take home with us, they are gifts from the road
  • And more….much more

So let’s all hop on-board for some to learn, laugh and love our way across the globe with the constant reminder and purpose to Stay Adventurous in life.

Where is the Staying Adventurous Podcast Heading Next?

the staying adventurous podcast logoWe are starting with a look inside Costa Rica, since Costa Rica was Craig’s first trip on his 11-month travel sabbatical that completely changed his life.  The podcast discusses his most recent trip and focuses on the reminder to Stay Pura Vida. Afterwards you can expect a podcast every month starting in the fall of 2015. The podcast will explore everything from lesser visited destinations such as US state capitals to iconic places such as the Greek Island of Santorini. Of course we will also spend plenty of time inside Mexico too.

There is so much for the world to experience, but now with the Staying Adventurous Podcast along with his the Travel Photography and posts, you will find yourself focusing on the adventure aspect of life and always aim to stay adventurous not just when traveling, but in life’s everyday.

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Current Episodes

Episode 73

Oahu Podcast Cover

Aloha adventure! Staying Adventurous in Hawaii for my 50th

Episode 72

sierra norte oaxaca trekking adventure travle mexico

Trekking the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico



Staying Adventurous Travel Podcast Published Episodes

  1. The Pura Vida of Costa Rica
  2. the State of Yucatan – A Unique Mexico
  3. A Taste of Puebla, for Cinco de Mayo
  4. The Splendor of Santorini 
  5. Handsome Harrisburg, PA
  6. Adventure in the Adirondacks
  7. Speed, Sand, and Sunsets in Clearwater, Florida
  8. Sensations in Singapore
  9. Eco-Adventure in Puerto Vallarta
  10. the Sweetness of Savannah, GA
  11. Special Holiday Episode – 1st Annual Holiday Gift Guide
  12. Marathon, the Middle of the Florida Keys
  13. Adventure Travel to the Frontier in Chiapas, Mexico
  14. Social Impact Travel with Fathom
  15. Playing in Playa del Carmen
  16. The Art of Going Solo – #SoloTravel
  17. A Helena Good Time in Montana
  18. South Padre Island, where Margaritaville meets Mañanaville.
  19. The Vikings Sail to the Americas Once Again – On Board the Viking Star
  20. 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurous
  21. So, What is Your Favorite Destination?
  22. The Delights of Dublin Ireland
  23. Soaking up the Cuban Life in Santiago de Cuba
  24. Experience the Electric City of Scranton, PA
  25. Fun in the Finger Lakes of New York
  26. 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
  27. Touring Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas an Adventure Capital of Mexico
  28. More than Cruising to Cozumel, Mexico’s Caribbean
  29. Traveling to Tabasco
  30. Boarding the Copper Canyon Train through Chihuahua
  31. Kalahari Resort – America’s Largest Indoor Water Park
  32.  The Magic of Malinalco, Mexico
  33. 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
  34. The Culture, Cuisine and Colors of  Colima
  35. Destination Spa – the Lodge at Woodloch
  36.  An Alaskan Adventure
  37.  Taking Off to Huntsville, Alabama
  38.  Get Ready to Love  Lisbon
  39. 2019 Holiday Gift GuideLa Paz, Baja California Sur
  40. Peace, Love and La Paz, Mexico
  41. Sailing the Coast of Maine
  42. Ways to Stay Traveling in the Time of Covid19
  43. Traveling Thru Wine
  44. Traveling Again in the Temporary Normal
  45. The Magic Valle de Bravo
  46. Returning to Walt Disney World
  47.  Day of the Dead in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico
  48. Explore Florida’s Space Coast
  49. 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
  50. Making 2021 New Year’s Resolutions
  51. The Stay Luxurious Effect; Making Luxury Travel Part of the Adventure
  52. Skiing the Corduroy in Snowshoe West Virginia
  53. The Lure of Loreto in Baja California Sur
  54. Crossing to Comondu, Discovering more of the Lure of Loreto
  55. Zipping Through Historic Banning Mills, Georgia
  56. Back to the Bay, Beach, and Boardwalk of Ocean City Maryland
  57. Kansas City Here I Come
  58. 2021 Holiday Gift Guide
  59. Let Us All Travel Into 2022
  60. The Quest to Visit All 50 States in 50 Years
  61. The Quest to Visit All 50 States in 50 Years pt II
  62. the Deepest Cave
  63. Coming to Colonial Virginia 
  64. Tasting the Wines and More of Paso Robles, California
  65. 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
  66. The Race to Alaska
  67.  Chasing Cenotes in the Yucatan
  68. Swimming Thru Summer
  69. Far More to Fargo, North Dakota
  70. Taking on a Travel Quest
  71. 2023 Holiday Gift Guide
  72. Trekking the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico
  73. Oahu, Hawaii – Celebrating the 50th State
  74. Exploring 2 of the Blue Zones
  75. Following the Sun – An Interview of an Epic Family Adventure

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