We Are Traveling Again – Staying Adventurous ep44

Do you want to travel this summer? Are you comfortable or still too concerned for your safety? Well, this month, I aim to help you make a better decision on what is right for you? To change some of the unknown to known, to earse fears with facts, and share my recent travel.

In this episode I describe my time in airports and what it was like to fly again, rent a car and head to a resort. Here advice on travel tips specific for your next flight and also learn firsthand from the Lodge at Woodloch’s General Manager Robert Baldassari about the safety precautions provided for the guests and staff. Also, hear advice on what to cook, how to garden and more about what makes the culinary scene so incredible at Woodloch with interviews with the Executive Chef Josh Tomsom and on site Farmicist Derrick Braun  (yes the farmer for the on-site organic farm).

Listen in to the Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment and also our new sponsor based of last month’s Travel Thru Wine podcast, and get Wired for Wine.

Staying Adventurous Podcast Shownotes

Farmicist Derrick Braun Grilling Veggies at Blackmore Farm at the The Lodge at Woodloch, a Destination Spa in the Pocono Mountains on Pennsylvania

Farmicist Derrick Grilling Fresh Picked Veggies

Staying Adventurous Stories

the sunrise at the lake, Lodge at Woodloch, a Destination Spa

sunrise on the lake at the Lodge at Woodloch

Interviewees and Their Suggestions

Empty seat on American Airlines during Pandemic

Empty rows of seats on my way to the rear of the plane

FlyingAgain? Other Information, Guidelines & Opinions

Staying Adventurous Summertime Sponsors


Wired For Wine

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