Find Far More in Fargo North Dakota, Staying Adventurous Ep 69

My quest for 50 states in 50 years led me to North Dakota, and my 49th state last year. For some time I believed my 50th birthday party might be located north of normal, but it turns out my travels to Hawaii were delayed a few years back and North Dakota would be my 49th leaving Hawaii for my 50th

theatre in fargo, north dakota

Some might say, I planned to leave the best for last, but actually that was a marketing slogan for this state as many travelers have North Dakota as their last state. They even give you a t-shirt if you are in that club. I didn’t get accepted in club, but quest was rewarded as I found Far-Moore in Fargo and North Dakota than I imagined. Listen in.


Inside we have 3 interviews, the Visitors Bureau, a local hotel manager, and also a restaurateur to discuss what to do, what to see, where to eat and drink, and more. Much more. Plus as always we’ll have the mindset moment, travel tips, and our regular segments. Enjoy

Have you been to North Dakota? Let me know, if you haven;t send me an address (via DM on instagram) andnI can mail you a post card.

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Fargo | Moorehead Points of Interest

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Avoid the Wood Chipper

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