The Quest for 50 pt I – Staying Adventurous Ep 60

There is a quest in many of our hearts as Americans, a quest to visit all 50 states. For some the quest becomes 50 states in 50 years even. But regardless of the time frame or the success, such a quest enables travelers to take on more than a trip of a lifetime, but essentially a lifetime of trips.

a map of the USA

all 50 states, it’s all one country. USA

I am planning two parts series, interviewing four people and letting them talk to detail the special moments, explain what the quest means to them, and offer tips too. This adventure may not be for everyone, but regardless of where you reside, the traveler can learn more about the US of A through these interviews, I know I certainly did.

Listen in….

Podcast Show Notes

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US Destinations Mentioned

Kurt and Rohan, my interviews have mentioned numerous destinations in their interviews, here are some links to places they discussed.

Staying Adventurous Podcasts Mentioned


a photo of Gifts from the road, a book by Craig Zabransky

sponsor, the book Gifts from the Road by Craig Zabransky



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  • william b kaliher

    Will be interesting to hear what drives others in reaching all 50–