Taking Off to Huntsville, Alabama – Ep 37

We take off for Rocket City on the next episode of the  Staying Adventurous Podcast as Craig, our host (that’s me) details his time visiting Huntsville, Alabama. Explore all the popular attractions and learn about a few surprises along the way too.  Hear the Staying Adventurous Mindset Moment,  his Top 3 Travel Tips, and where to watch a sunset. And it’s not only Craig, he holds three interviews  -the CVB, the Space and Rocket Center and a manager from a local hotel.


Let’s listen in to discover Huntsville, Alabama.

Staying Adventurous Podcast Shownotes

Staying Adventurous from the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Stay Adventurous Stories

Huntsville Attractions

Where to Stay in Huntsville

the view of down town Huntsville, Alabama

Enjoying a stroll in downtown Huntsville

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