Appalachia Kitchen, a Fine Dinning Sunset in Snowshoe, West Virginia

Sunset dinning seems to always be a goal on tropical beach vacations, but it needs to be equally on the radar when taking a winter escape to Snowshoe, West Virginia. With an upside down style resort (the ski lodges are on top of the mountains, not at the base) the uninhibited views of the Allegheny Mountains remain expansive from the top of the mountain. And at nearly a mile high, the elevation provides beautiful breathtaking panoramic views of the region including the famed Western Territory and its double diamond ski trails.

craft cocktails at appalachia kitchen in snowshoe, west virginia

One must be prepared for the sunset

At the new Corduroy Lodge, an expansion of the Corduroy Inn, a huge event space exists for special events in summer and fine dining in the winter at the Appalachia Kitchen.  It remains recommended to set up a pre-sunset reservation time to secure a western side table and prepare to enjoy the sunset over an aperitif from the expansive craft cocktail menu.  Such a moment can make you want to search Snowshoe WV real estate pages as you consider finding a place in these mountains.

Ed Shuttleworth, the executive chef, interviewed the staying adventurous podcast, provides deeper insight to the space and menu available for visitors to Snowshoe Mountain. He also describes his love for the region, something anyone can start to understand why with these views alone.

others outside capturing the sunset at Appalachia Kitchen in Snowshoe, WV

Everyone took the sunset photo

After experiencing the sunset moment outside on the patio where the below freezing temperature and wind gusts chilled my bones, I settled in for dinner. A starter of an appetizing red beet salad, followed by the savory steak special coupled with a glass of cabernet from the wine list nearly filled my palette. Then, we concluded with chocolate decadence for dessert for a birthday. Yum. Fine views and fine dinning.  That’s Appalachia Kitchen in Snowshoe, West Virginia

on the patio at appalachia kitchen in snowshoe, west virginia

Outside to take in the West Virginia Sunset

Yes, a delicious dinner and a spectacular sunset, the perfect marriage for a memorable vacation evening either on the beach or in the mountains. Happy Sunset Sunday.




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