Travel Into 2022 – Staying Adventurous Ep 59

Happy new year, happy 2022! Can we still wish someone a happy new year, of course. especially the many who haven’t heard for me yet. So have a happy, healthy, wealthy and adventurous 2022.

boat ride Sumidero Canyon in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico

Boat ride up Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

And as we continue to move through January 2022, let’s explore what the travel landscape. In this episode we will hear from a luxury travel insider and also a travel agent who is a fellow fan of Mexico. We will also hear from myself and what it was like to travel recently.

We will also review travel resolutions, travel tips, and the staying adventurous mindset moment.  So as we stare at the first month in our stay adventurous travel calendar, let’s get excited to filling it up with adventures across the globe. Listen in.

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Stay Adventurous | Stay Luxurious


  • Tiffany Dowd  founder of LuxeTiffany and Luxe Social Media ( a must follow on twitter @LuxeTiffany)
  • Ethel Hansen Davey, Travel Agent based in Toronto, Ontario. Find her on Facebook here
Tacos in Tuxtla-Chiapas-Mexico-Culture-Through -Cuisne

Tacos, more culture through cuisine, one of my travel resolutions for 2022

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Stay Adventurous, Craig
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  • Maggie Mistal

    Can’t wait to listen in! Thank you Craig for keeping a positive attitude during these changing times. Excited to hear your mindset moment too – Happy 2022!!

    • craig zabransky

      Thanks Maggie… And yes, stay positive, test negative, and enjoy, life, liberty and continue the pursuit of happiness, Stay optimistic, Craig